My Apologies – This Could Have Been a Great Post

I was in the middle of my workout this morning, when an idea came to me for what I thought would be a great topic for a blog post. I didn’t have any way to write down or record the idea at that moment, but I repeated it to myself a couple of times, and … Continue reading My Apologies – This Could Have Been a Great Post

This Was Worse Than If My WordPress Stats Stopped Working

One of the benefits of having owned a gym for a few years was that when I decided to close it down in 2010, I was able to take some of the equipment home with me. One of the pieces I kept was a Life Fitness recumbent bike. I'd been an avid user of such … Continue reading This Was Worse Than If My WordPress Stats Stopped Working

A Surprising, but Practical Use for WordPress Stats

Today I had another lazy start to the day, just laying in bed browsing through my phone. I kept telling myself I'd get up in five minutes, but I kept pushing that deadline back, until I finally decided I would get up in time for the Palm Sunday service that was going to be streamed … Continue reading A Surprising, but Practical Use for WordPress Stats

Only 45 Minutes of Biohacking

It reminds me of the great song from Yankee Doodle Dandy, 45 Minutes from Broadway. In fact, I only have to change the first line (ruben and jay were slang terms for country bumpkins): Only 45 Minutes of Biohacking Think of the changes it brings; For the short time it takes What a diff'rence … Continue reading Only 45 Minutes of Biohacking

A Tale of Two Christmas Ads

I'm guessing many of you have heard about and perhaps seen, the latest Peloton ad in which a husband surprises his wife with a Peloton bike for Christmas. The ad, all of thirty seconds long, may be the most expensive ad ever produced, far exceeding the cost of Super Bowl commercials. Last year, a Super … Continue reading A Tale of Two Christmas Ads

I Don’t “Have to Blog”, I “Get to Blog”

Thanks to Daniel Pink's most recent Pinkcast for helping me come up with an idea for today's post. It's after 11:00 at night, and I had exhausted many of my usual sources of material for my blog, from what I did and saw today, to reading a variety of newspapers, to scouring through my emails. … Continue reading I Don’t “Have to Blog”, I “Get to Blog”

I’d Buy a Car from This Guy

The WSJ had a great story about the owner of a local car dealership - Fred Beans. Fred recently celebrated his 80th birthday by doing 125 push-ups - straight through, with no rest. An impressive feat at any age, but unbelievable at 80. For the past 11 years, Mr. Beans has been working with a … Continue reading I’d Buy a Car from This Guy

Long Live Planet Fitness!

The Wall Street Journal had a story today about the success that Planet Fitness is currently experiencing. Planet Fitness’s revenue has increased more than 30% over the past year and its valuation has nearly quadrupled to about $6.2 billion since it went public in 2015. The chain has more than 12.5 million members and operates … Continue reading Long Live Planet Fitness!

What’s Your “Big Bath”?

In business, there is a practice known as Big Bath accounting. The way the practice works is that when a company is having a bad year financially, it will opt to do everything it can to make it look as bad as possible. This may involve delaying revenue for the current year until the following … Continue reading What’s Your “Big Bath”?

Stuck in a Rut?

I'm a big fan of routine. As an example, here's part of my morning ritual: peel four bananas, and place into blender pour 24 ounces of water in blender, and blend for about 5 seconds go to the fridge and get out the romaine lettuce and baby spinach add a heart of romaine lettuce to … Continue reading Stuck in a Rut?