My Apologies – This Could Have Been a Great Post

I was in the middle of my workout this morning, when an idea came to me for what I thought would be a great topic for a blog post.

I didn’t have any way to write down or record the idea at that moment, but I repeated it to myself a couple of times, and assured myself I would write it down as soon as I completed my workout.

Well, I finished the workout, and then several hours later I remembered that I had had a good idea for a blog post during my workout, but by then I had completely forgotten what it was.

So as a result, you are stuck with reading this nonsense of a blog.

But you probably already knew that would be the case when you clicked on my site, after all, it is called Borden’s Blather…

*image from StartUpNation


148 thoughts on “My Apologies – This Could Have Been a Great Post

      1. The sewage treatment plant. I thought that might be where the beachhouse was, that Carolyn says you’re giving away. After all, why would someone give away a beachhouse that’s next to the ocean?

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      2. I lived near the beach when I was growing up. I got tired of all the gray, overcast skies, and cold, dank, ocean breezes. Now I’m a desert rat, and I love it.

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      3. I suppose that depends upon which desert you make it out to. If it was the Taklamakan or Serengeti, I doubt I’d be able to give you a tour. But if you make it out to the southwestern edge of the Mojave, we might be able to work something out.

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      4. No, they don’t bite. They just nip a little.
        No, they don’t even do that. They’re very shy. Of course there are anecdotal tales of people being attacked and horribly mauled, but it’s very rare. Probably happens less than one in ten encounters.

        A few weeks ago, a coyote ran up our street while we were sitting on our front porch. It stopped at our driveway, which is circular, then ran through the driveway, coming past us within a few feet. It didn’t even seem to notice us. I love encounters with nature like that.

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      5. Well I may have to change my view about coyotes. 🙂 I do agree that encounters with nature like that, knowing you aren’t in danger are always cool!
        Does that happen often at your house?

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  1. Don’t you have your cell phone?…voice memos or send yourself an email. Your readers are counting on you and expect a better customer experience. This will surely be reflected in your stats 😊

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    1. I didn’t think of the voice menu option…

      And my readers should know by now what sort of customer experience to expect from a blog that has the word blather in it…

      And we’ll see what happens with the stats… 🙂


  2. Your forgetfulness led to this whole sequence of events. You should have seen my brilliant comment on your great post. Pretty soon word would have gotten out on the street, and there would have been an avalanche of hits. Then WordPress would not have been able to keep up with your rising statistics. Oh well, shoot for tomorrow.

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    1. I’d happily be a one-hit wonder, with one million views in one day. I might even reward myself with a day off if that ever happened. And if the quality of my posts were ever up to the quality of your brilliant comments, then I’d be comparing myself to Hemingway…

      I’ll be giving it another shot today, and tomorrow, and the day…

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  3. That is so strange, Jim! I was sitting at my desk yesterday and thought of a great comment for your blog, but by the time I finished my project, I forgot what it was. So, all you get is this crappy comment! 😁

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  4. I do this often and promise myself I will remember it and pfft! I also write things on small scraps of paper that I find wherever I am when the brilliant idea comes through and lose them or find them months later when cleaning something out. clearly I need a better system, but I do always get a laugh out of finding them later. I so understand your angst –

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