The Secret to Putting in Golf

Today was our annual Father's Day mini-golf outing. The weather was right up my alley - hot and humid. And it was one of my best rounds ever; it was the first time I had two holes-in-one in one round on this course. (And in a video chat with our sons later we discussed what … Continue reading The Secret to Putting in Golf

I’m In a Rut

The past week or so it has been hard to come up with things to write about for my blog. As a result, some of the topics I have come up with are quite dull. Well, to be more precise duller than usual. As I was thinking of what I could do to get out … Continue reading I’m In a Rut

Our Switch to YouTube TV

About a month ago, the Borden family made a big decision. We canceled our FIOS TV subscription and switched over to YouTube TV. The biggest benefit, to me at least, is the cost savings. It looks like the move will save us between $400-500 per year. Other benefits, from the YouTube TV website, include: 85 … Continue reading Our Switch to YouTube TV

Seriously? Say Uncle? People Still Do That?

Yesterday I wrote a post about a fight that broke out on a concert stage in 1965 between members of the band The Kinks. The fight ended with one member knocked out, and the suspect fleeing the concert venue. Fast forward 56 years, and guys are still out there fighting in public. The latest incident … Continue reading Seriously? Say Uncle? People Still Do That?

Music Monday: Battle of the Band

Some of you may have read the headline and thought, 'Borden did it again with another typo, leaving off an "s" at the end of Band'. Well, let me assure you, I meant to write it that way. I am not writing about a competition for the best new band or anything like that, but … Continue reading Music Monday: Battle of the Band

“Additional Testing Revealed Giardia”

The headline comes from a part of a press release issued by NBC/Universal related to the network having to shut down production of the Ultimate Slip ’N Slide series after up to 40 crew members contracted giardia. Now some of you may know what giardia is, but I had never heard of such a condition. … Continue reading “Additional Testing Revealed Giardia”

Am I As Creative as a Kindergarten Student?

Last week, Brad Osbourne, the poet laureate of WordPress at commonsensiblyspeaking, shared a style of poetry known as a Diamante poem, as part of his weekly Whittled Words series. Here is the format of such a poem: A diamante poem is a 7-line poem that looks like a diamond. It can be used to describe … Continue reading Am I As Creative as a Kindergarten Student?

Choose Your Own Adventure

I remember when our oldest son was around 10 years old how much he enjoyed the Choose Your Own adventures series of books. Here's a description from Wikipedia: Choose Your Own Adventure, or Secret Path Books is a series of children's gamebooks where each story is written from a second-person point of view, with the reader assuming the role of … Continue reading Choose Your Own Adventure

OK, You Heard It Here First. It Was Me.

Given how much the WordPress blogging community means to me, I wanted you to be the first ones to know. It was me. The Wall Street Journal has an article in this week's Mansion section with the headline: Mystery Buyer Pays $157.5 Million for Two Condos on New York’s Billionaires’ Row Well, mystery solved. I … Continue reading OK, You Heard It Here First. It Was Me.

Learning from Our Mistakes

Seth Godin had a wonderful post earlier this week. Titled Lessons learned the hard way, Godin talks about the value of learning from our mistakes. Here is the full post: It will be a long time before I spell “handkerchief” incorrectly. That’s because in third grade, I lost the entry round of the spelling bee … Continue reading Learning from Our Mistakes