A Surprising, but Practical Use for WordPress Stats

Today I had another lazy start to the day, just laying in bed browsing through my phone.

I kept telling myself I’d get up in five minutes, but I kept pushing that deadline back, until I finally decided I would get up in time for the Palm Sunday service that was going to be streamed live at 9:00 am.

Since all I had to do get ready for mass was brush my teeth and walk downstairs, I figured I’d get out of bed at 8:50 (like I said, it was another lazy start to the day).

At 8:49 I decided to check my WordPress stats one more time before I got out of bed. As I looked at the weekly stats, something was not right. I had been estimating what my weekly total was going to be by the end of Sunday evening, and it looked like I was not going to be close to hitting that number.

I calculated how many more views I would have to get over the next 15 hours, and it seemed like it was going to be near impossible. I started wondering if I might have to resort to using a click-bait title for my blog for the day as a way to perhaps artificially boost my views.

I then decided to go back and check my daily stats to see what had happened to cause my views to be much lower than I had estimated for the week.

It was then, while looking at the daily stats, that I realized it was only Saturday!


While most people would be excited that they just picked up an extra day, especially a Saturday, I was excited because it gave me a whole extra day to hit my stats goal for the week!

And since it wasn’t Sunday, that meant I didn’t have to get out of bed right away to catch the streaming Palm Sunday mass.

But then I realized that while Sunday is a day off from exercise, Saturday is not.

So I finally dragged myself out of bed, contemplating what other practical applications there might be, besides keeping track of what day of the week it is, that I can use to justify my constant use of WordPress stats…

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45 thoughts on “A Surprising, but Practical Use for WordPress Stats

  1. πŸ€” Most interesting, Jim. Rushing the days of the week (It happens to the best of us).

    In my case, I always look at the date and the time on my smartphone in the mornings and I also do the same on my laptop computer.


  2. Losing track of the days happens sometimes to those who live a life of leisure. It will take a lot more than that to be in the running for the laziest man in the world title. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your second sunday this week!


    1. thanks, John. So far, my second Sunday is off to a good start! I hope you are enjoying the weekend as well. And I guess I’ll just have to work “harder” for that laziest man title…


  3. so funny, and i can really identify! i’m often losing track of days during all of this, just to add to all of the confusion. )


  4. Jim, it is not all your fault that you are addicted to stats. If you take notice, the WP site is constantly teasing you with notifications, pop-ups, and an admin page that is constantly feeding you numbers. Now, as to remembering what day it is. My recommendation – Check the date and day on your phone first thing each morning, well I mean, first thing right after checking your stats. 😁


    1. And I fall for WordPress’s tricks every day. Good advice on checking my phone for the date and day, but I was just so convinced it was Sunday that I would have felt there was no need to do so!


  5. Last Thursday, I was preparing for work and wondering why I had not received my schedule for Friday yet. Someone mentioned that I was not going to get my schedule for Friday – because the next day was Saturday. It’s kinda nice to find out I’m farther along than I thought! 😊

    I haven’t watched stats. Is it helpful? 😊


    1. it sounds like you lost a day there, but how nice that you had reached the weekend! I like the stats, but I should warn you that they can become quite addictive – at least they have for me…


      1. They are indeed and you are correct, Jim it is very much part of the local community…I miss my Saturday jaunts but at the moment I feel safer at home. I look forward to normal life being resumed at some point. I did go to the small daily market close to my home today as I needed some vegetables it wasn’t as busy red lines and tape everywhere and many stall holders were absent there was just a few and some smaller traders although I did get some nice unusual fruit. Be safe ..


    1. thanks, Peter. Cheers to you! By the way, we are really enjoying The English Game on Netflix about the beginning of football as we know it. A strong Scottish influence, and I love the Scottish accent!


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