I’d Choose the Degree from Harvard

A recent article on Forbes.com by Brandon Busteed had the eye-catching headline "Americans Rank A Google Internship Over A Harvard Degree". The results are based on a survey of 2,000 U.S. adults conducted in December by QuestResearch Group on behalf of Kaplan. When asked what they believe would be most helpful for a high school … Continue reading I’d Choose the Degree from Harvard

What’s Your Desert Island Book?

This post was inspired by a recent post of a fellow blogger, Beth. Beth wrote how yesterday (January 18) was National Thesaurus Day and paid homage to Peter Mark Roget, creator of the famous Roget's Thesaurus. Since I didn't know about his Thesaruas beyond the basics, I went out to Wikipedia and found the following: … Continue reading What’s Your Desert Island Book?

Sometimes, All You Want Is Mom

We were riding a crowded train earlier today, standing next to a young family who had a child in a stroller. The child appeared to be about 18 months old, and at first, seemed content to just sit in the stroller. However, after a couple of minutes, she became upset about something and started crying, … Continue reading Sometimes, All You Want Is Mom

The Hidden Power of the Confused Look

I'd like to say it's taken me 62 years to master having a confused look on my face, but in reality, I think it's the default facial expression I was born with. And while there may be times when having a confused look may not be a good thing (such as when a student asks … Continue reading The Hidden Power of the Confused Look

A Couple of Haikus about Singapore

Still feeling jet lagged It's only seven o'clock Too early for bed Hawkers pushing food The smells are hard to resist Can't wait to go back

It’s Nice to Know I’m Not the Only One Who Has to Cut the Cords

Who knew the Wall Street Journal would start sourcing some of its stories from The Onion? Nearly five years ago The Onion ran a photo story with the headline "Jumbled Nest Of Cords Makes Move To Third New Apartment". The story had no words, just the image shown above. Someone from the WSJ must have … Continue reading It’s Nice to Know I’m Not the Only One Who Has to Cut the Cords

Some First Impressions of Singapore

Warning: I enjoy reading travel essays where people share their travel experiences. The photos and the writing often make me feel like I am there. I just want to let you know up front, this post will fall far short of those wonderful travelogues. My wife, son, and I are fortunate to be spending the … Continue reading Some First Impressions of Singapore

A Clean Sweep for “They”

It was a big year for the word "They". The word was chosen by Merriam-Webster as the word of the year for 2019 and by the American Dialect Society as word of the decade. Ben Zimmer, chair of the American Dialect Society’s New Words Committee and language columnist for the Wall Street Journal, noted a growing … Continue reading A Clean Sweep for “They”

Rubik’s Cube vs. WordPress

I wrote a post a couple of days ago about how I received a Rubik's Cube for Christmas, and how I quickly realized I had completely lost any memory I had of how to solve it. So I decided to spend the next few days trying to memorize the steps once more. So, on the … Continue reading Rubik’s Cube vs. WordPress

Another Saturday Night…

For those of you who may have wondered who goes to the gym on a Saturday night, the picture above gives you your answer. My son and I. But maybe you're thinking, "Well, of course, no one is doing cardio on a Saturday night, everybody is in the back pumping iron." Here's my answer to … Continue reading Another Saturday Night…