Is It Worth Living to 100?

I've always said that I want to live to be at least 100. There's no particular reason why, it just seems like a nice round number and perhaps confirmation of healthy living. I've always viewed running out of money as my biggest worry if I were to live to 100, but after reading an article … Continue reading Is It Worth Living to 100?

For Once, It’s Just Not Me – Getting Annoyed at Poor Gym Etiquette

It seems like every day I find a new thing to annoy me, and I often wonder if it's just me. So it's nice when I find out that there are other people who get annoyed at the same thing, and even better when the Wall Street Journal does a story about that annoyance. It … Continue reading For Once, It’s Just Not Me – Getting Annoyed at Poor Gym Etiquette

A Weight Loss Program That Really Works!!! The Lencten Diet

Forget all those books and web sites that offer you the latest advice on how to lose weight; I've got the perfect plan for you. I even came up with a name for it, to make it sound even more impressive - the Lencten Diet©. Many of you have probably tried this diet in the … Continue reading A Weight Loss Program That Really Works!!! The Lencten Diet

I Don’t “Have to Blog”, I “Get to Blog”

Thanks to Daniel Pink's most recent Pinkcast for helping me come up with an idea for today's post. It's after 11:00 at night, and I had exhausted many of my usual sources of material for my blog, from what I did and saw today, to reading a variety of newspapers, to scouring through my emails. … Continue reading I Don’t “Have to Blog”, I “Get to Blog”

I’d Buy a Car from This Guy

The WSJ had a great story about the owner of a local car dealership - Fred Beans. Fred recently celebrated his 80th birthday by doing 125 push-ups - straight through, with no rest. An impressive feat at any age, but unbelievable at 80. For the past 11 years, Mr. Beans has been working with a … Continue reading I’d Buy a Car from This Guy

Dear Future Me,

I heard about this fascinating web site from Daniel Pink's monthly newsletter back in October, and I had to meant to write about it back then, but it must have somehow slipped into the deep abyss that is my mind. Fortunately, it was still in my inbox, and I stumbled upon it again today. (By … Continue reading Dear Future Me,

Is There Such Thing as a Free Breakfast?

I finally came across a Dan Ariely answer I agreed with. Or at least I thought so until I read the comments. Here was the question someone had submitted to Dan: My children’s school has a mix of affluent and poor families. Some of the students qualify for free breakfast, but they don’t take advantage … Continue reading Is There Such Thing as a Free Breakfast?

Making Up for Lost (Sleeping) Time

It's a question I've often wondered about, but I never seemed to be able to find a suitable answer: Can you make up for lost sleep? I'm sure at this point most of us are aware of how important sleep is for our health, both physical and mental. Ying-Hui Fu, a molecular biologist and geneticist … Continue reading Making Up for Lost (Sleeping) Time

Long Live Planet Fitness!

The Wall Street Journal had a story today about the success that Planet Fitness is currently experiencing. Planet Fitness’s revenue has increased more than 30% over the past year and its valuation has nearly quadrupled to about $6.2 billion since it went public in 2015. The chain has more than 12.5 million members and operates … Continue reading Long Live Planet Fitness!

Well, That Was Embarrassing…

I've written enough about some of my embarrassing moments that it's almost become a regular feature. Here are a few of the previous posts: Lobster Man Strikes Again Another One of Life’s Embarrassing Moments Embarrassing Stories – A Wonderful Way to Get to Know One Another? Add One More to Life’s Embarrassing Moments The second one … Continue reading Well, That Was Embarrassing…