How to Sell Your Weird Idea

In his latest Pinkcast, Dan Pink sits with Olga Khazan, a staff writer at The Atlantic and author of Weird: The Power of Being an Outsider in an Insider World. In the interview, Olga talks about what it means to be weird, what the advantages are to being weird, and how such outsiders can advance … Continue reading How to Sell Your Weird Idea

Music Monday: The Youngest Person to Have a Number One Song

It's kind of a trick question, asking who was the youngest person to have a number one song. If you are looking at just solo artists, then it is Stevie Wonder. Born Stevland Hardaway Judkins, he had performed as a child in the choir at the Whitestone Baptist Church in his hometown of Saginaw, Michigan, … Continue reading Music Monday: The Youngest Person to Have a Number One Song

A Day at the Beach!

I can't remember the last time we went an entire summer without going to the beach. The combination of COVID-19 and a revised teaching schedule made it a bit more challenging to plan a visit, but we were finally able to make it down the shore today, even though we missed summer by about five … Continue reading A Day at the Beach!

This Is Why I Love Commercials…

Earlier today, I was finalizing my notes for my classes for the coming week. One of the topics I will cover this week is advertising, which gives me a chance to show a few of my favorite commercials, many of which I have highlighted in previous posts. As I was double-checking to make sure the … Continue reading This Is Why I Love Commercials…

Is This the Best 800 Number?

Who doesn't like a good 1-800 number, especially one that is easy to remember? Here are a few that I like: 800-ASK-BLUE (this is for Independence Blue Cross, the Philly-based licensee of Blue Cross) 800-DOG-POOP (a service that cleans up the dog poop in your yard) 800-JUNK-USA (a junk removal service) 800-GOT-JUNK (a junk removal … Continue reading Is This the Best 800 Number?

Worried about COVID-19? Here’s a Simple Solution

Start watching horror films. Researchers say fans of horror films and other post-apocalyptic movies are handling the real-life fear brought by the coronavirus pandemic better than others. A team in the United States and Denmark finds horror flick enthusiasts are experiencing less psychological distress due to COVID-19. In addition to horror films, movies that fall into … Continue reading Worried about COVID-19? Here’s a Simple Solution

The Science of Enclothed Cognition

Never heard of "enclothed cognition"? Neither had I until reading a recent story in the WSJ by reporter Ray Smith. Enclothed cognition is an area of research that examines the signals clothes send to the brain, says Dr. Adam Galinsky, co-author of the research that coined the term. “In some ways, the clothes that you … Continue reading The Science of Enclothed Cognition

An Easy Way to Make $10 Million in One Year

This story reminds me of the old Steve Martin joke: "How do you become a millionaire? First, you start with a million dollars." Last year, when the Florida luxury market was struggling, Steven Lempera bought a home in Coral Gables in an online auction for $27.8 million, or a fraction of its original $68 million asking … Continue reading An Easy Way to Make $10 Million in One Year

Music Monday: Apple Cider, Sirens, and Nostradamus

Some readers may have guessed who this post is about by the title, others may be wondering what the connection is between Apple Cider, Sirens, and Nostradamus. The words are all parts of song titles from one of my favorite artists from back in the 70s - Al Stewart. I'll get right to his music, … Continue reading Music Monday: Apple Cider, Sirens, and Nostradamus

My Birthday Books

When my family asked me what I would like for my birthday this year, I thought about it for a couple of days and came up with the following: send me a book that you really enjoyed. Well, today was my birthday, and I'm happy to say my family came through with flying colors. Here … Continue reading My Birthday Books