An Unexpected Benefit of Winning a Sports Championship

Four years ago, Villanova Men's basketball team won its second national championship, in dramatic style, with Kris Jenkins hitting a 3-point shot at the buzzer for the victory. The clip below never gets old: It was a big win for the team and the school, and I am sure it raised the name recognition … Continue reading An Unexpected Benefit of Winning a Sports Championship

This Is Why I Love Commercials…

Earlier today, I was finalizing my notes for my classes for the coming week. One of the topics I will cover this week is advertising, which gives me a chance to show a few of my favorite commercials, many of which I have highlighted in previous posts. As I was double-checking to make sure the … Continue reading This Is Why I Love Commercials…

Is This the Best 800 Number?

Who doesn't like a good 1-800 number, especially one that is easy to remember? Here are a few that I like: 800-ASK-BLUE (this is for Independence Blue Cross, the Philly-based licensee of Blue Cross) 800-DOG-POOP (a service that cleans up the dog poop in your yard) 800-JUNK-USA (a junk removal service) 800-GOT-JUNK (a junk removal … Continue reading Is This the Best 800 Number?

A Great Commercial from France

It's been a while since I've shared a favorite commercial. but after showing the classic "Think Different" commercial from Apple in class today, it put me in the mood to see what the latest batch of commercials look like. One that struck me was an ad for Telefoot. Here is a description of the ad: … Continue reading A Great Commercial from France

I Miss Those Days

Tonight we had the chance to watch our grand-niece's swim meet, and it must have been the smell of the chlorine that triggered so many wonderful memories of the sport I love. Swimming was a big part of my life for 12 years, having been a competitive swimmer from about 9 years old until I … Continue reading I Miss Those Days

$130,000 Salary – Per Day??

Earlier this week, quarterback Patrick Mahomes of the Super Bowl champs Kansas City Chiefs, signed a record-breaking, 10-year extension worth up to $503 million, making it the largest contract not just in NFL history, but in sports history. This means Mahomes will earn an average of over $130,000, per day. To put that number in perspective, the median … Continue reading $130,000 Salary – Per Day??

Bucky the Bookkeeper Is Now Worth a Lot of Bucks…

His colleagues called him Bucky the Bookkeeper. His company was on the brink of bankruptcy multiple times. His credit card was declined while trying to rent a car in 1974. Six years later, he was worth $178 million. Today, he is worth $37 billion. Do you know who this person is, or what company he … Continue reading Bucky the Bookkeeper Is Now Worth a Lot of Bucks…

This Is What We Need Reruns Of…

Growing up as a teenager in the early to mid-70s, one of my favorite times of the week was Saturday afternoon. That was when ABC aired the finals of that week's PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) tour, followed by the iconic Wide World of Sports. It was three hours of pure joy. I was into bowling … Continue reading This Is What We Need Reruns Of…

The Tradition Continues

I don’t know how long we’ve been doing it, but it’s been a Father’s Day tradition for perhaps 20 years. No one in the Borden family is a golfer, but we all enjoy miniature golf. Well, at least I do, and they humor me. So every year for Father’s Day we go out for a … Continue reading The Tradition Continues

Imagine If This Had Been Played During the Lockdown

It’s one of the greatest moments in sports history. North Carolina had just tied the game at 74, with 4.7 seconds left. Villanova called a timeout. And this video picks it up from there: As I watched the replay earlier this week, one of my first thoughts was how different this would have been … Continue reading Imagine If This Had Been Played During the Lockdown