It took 63 years but I finally broke my first bone(s)

It’s ironic that I just wrote a post a couple days ago about how exercise may not be helpful (at least for losing weight).

And now I have discovered another problem with exercise. Apparently, sometimes you can not trust the equipment.

Today my son Pat and I were working out using exercise tubes and during one of the exercises the tube snapped in half (see picture above) and I fell backward, breaking both my wrists.

Pat called an uber and we went to the ER. And after several hours here is the result.

Thank you to all the medical personnel for their wonderful skills and compassion.

Shout out to Pat for typing and editing this blog for me!

P.S. please note that I will not be replying to, or leaving, comments on my or your blogs for a while. Also, I will not be exercising until further notice ๐Ÿ˜€


37 thoughts on “It took 63 years but I finally broke my first bone(s)

  1. Oh man, what a bummer. That sounds painful. I’ve broken both my wrists (though not at the same time), so I know that pain. I hope you heal up well and proper, and soon. I’ll understand about you not replying to comments and such.

    Good thing you have your wife to help you post, or your broken bones might keep you from breaking Ripkin’s record.


  2. Sorry about the accident, Jim. I’m going to have to Google exercise tubes (not familiar with that term) since you’re on the disabled list. I always wondered what you would do if something like this happened to you. The Cal Ripken of bloggers forges on.


  3. wow, that is MAJOR! Two of my writing friends have broken wrists in the past year but breaking both wrists is unthinkable. How do you eat? (Our pup could show you a trick or two.)
    I’ve always maintained that exercise is bad for you.


  4. I am so sorry to hear about your injury, my friend! What a freak thing to happen. And, of course, it had to be both wrists. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. I hope your recovery goes well and quickly. Although I will miss your words and wit, comments are not needed for me to know, by now, that I have your support. And you will always have mine! Take care, get well, and follow the doctor’s orders as best you can!

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  5. oh, no, that looks awful, jim. i’m so sorry that happened. it looks like you would be a natural football ref who could be called to the field to signal fair touchdowns and field goals, just an option to consider. hope your recovery is not too long, and not to painful.


  6. Wow! The best excuse Iโ€™ve ever seen for not reading blogs! I guess a few other activities are restricted, too. Take care, and hopefully weโ€™ll see you again soon. I hope those tubes receive a ceremonial burial!


  7. Holy moly! You have my best wishes for a full and fast recovery. If your stats suffer, that can serve as proof of damages in a lawsuit. Your blog might lead to a cushy retirement after all.

    I wouldn’t have mentioned being unable to reply to comments. Now we can give you all kinds of grief and you won’t be able to respond. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


  8. Oh my! I hope the healing goes well for you. I have only suffered one broken bone (knocking on wood). I broke a bone in my foot back in 8th grade playing basketball. I can’t even remember which foot after all of these years. Take care Jim.


  9. I had to go backwards as I was wondering how you broke both wrists and now I know …I missed this post…I am not going to say or will very quietly that I haven’t ever broken a bone as now I probably will as the chances as you get older increase so they say which means I may well do at some point in the future…Not a good thought…Take care, Jim …

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