It Was Good While It Lasted

At some point, the writing is on the wall. And so it was with our 2003 Buick Rendezvous, known to us as Rhondy. We bought it brand new, and truth be told, a big part of the reason was because Tiger Woods did a commercial for it. Now I knew that Tiger Woods probably … Continue reading It Was Good While It Lasted

Why Did I Do This to Myself?

I have successfully avoided having any video games .on my phone for several years. But then a couple of days ago, in a moment of weakness, and for no justifiable reason, I decided to download a Solitaire app. And it didn't take long before I became addicted. I would tell myself, "just one more game", … Continue reading Why Did I Do This to Myself?

The Power of Free

A group of researchers offered participants of a study a choice between purchasing a Hershey ’s Kiss chocolate for 1-cent ($0.01) or Lindt Lindor chocolate truffle for 15 cents ($0.15). The participants, recognizing this as a good deal since the price differential in a supermarket would be larger than 14 cents between the two options, overwhelmingly … Continue reading The Power of Free

No Matter What Your Problem, It Looks Like This Guy Can Help

Do you suffer from any of these problems: Money rituals instant money Office problem police station case Election wins. visa problem Bullet never enter you Brotherhood of money secret society Court cases Examination High spirit of pastor Gold problem protection Cafe or fraud guys Pocket no dry pot of riches Business problem High spirit football … Continue reading No Matter What Your Problem, It Looks Like This Guy Can Help

When Worlds Collide

My wife and I were watching the sixties TV show Hazel the other day, and it was quite a throwback to a world I don't think exists anymore. For those who may not be familiar with the show, Hazel is an American sitcom about a spunky live-in maid named Hazel Burke (played by Shirley Booth) and her employer, the … Continue reading When Worlds Collide

Coca-Cola’s Heartwarming 2020 Christmas Ad

Coca-Cola has always had some great ads, and this year's Christmas video is no exception. Coca-Cola's Christmas marketing campaign, called ‘The Letter’, asks consumers to “give something only you can give – yourself” this Christmas as it encourages people to be truly present with each other. (The U.S. version of the ad ends with … Continue reading Coca-Cola’s Heartwarming 2020 Christmas Ad

A Wonderful Christmas Message: #GiveWhatYouCan

I first wrote about Hafod Hardware of Wales last year when I discovered the wonderful Christmas advert they had put together, for a grand total of just $130. Well, they did it again this year. For 2020, the family-run businesses’ advert, with the tagline #GiveWhatYou Can, shows three-year-old Arthur secretly gathering household items, such as … Continue reading A Wonderful Christmas Message: #GiveWhatYouCan

Christmas Ad Features Functional Fitness at Its Finest

I'm not sure I would have ever come across this ad if it hadn't been for my middle son sending me the link. “Take Care of Yourself” is a new holiday advertisement from Doc Morris, one of Germany’s biggest online pharmaceutical services. The ad starts off with an elderly man apparently living alone, looking at photographs … Continue reading Christmas Ad Features Functional Fitness at Its Finest

I Waited All Year for This, and…

I feel guilty saying that I'm a little disappointed. I'm talking about this year's Christmas advert from John Lewis/Waitrose. It's always been one of the highlights of the Christmas season for me, since they have produced some memorable ads over the years. But I didn't think this year's ad lived up to the high standards … Continue reading I Waited All Year for This, and…

Thanks, Santa! There’s no naughty list this year!

OK, I guess it’s time to fess up. We have not been 100% compliant with CDC and state guidelines when it comes to the Covid lockdowns. One night this past spring on a Friday night, while our region was in a lockdown my wife, son, and I decided to take a drive into Philadelphia just … Continue reading Thanks, Santa! There’s no naughty list this year!