Music Monday: Nanook of Greenland

This post has two purposes. The first purpose is to expand my knowledge of music from around the world. The second is to see if I can get at least one view of my blog from someone in Greenland. 🙂 With a little bit of searching, I discovered the band Nanook, which appears to be … Continue reading Music Monday: Nanook of Greenland

A Dozen Universal Truths

Apple products are better than PCs and Android A smile is better than a frown Warm weather is better than cold Guinness is better than Bud Sunrise is better than sunset Vacation time is better than working time Ruffles potato chips are better than regular Women are more mature than men Bruce Springsteen and the … Continue reading A Dozen Universal Truths

Music Monday: What’s the Best Way to Cope with the Pandemic?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal describes the results of a research study that examined which activities worked best to lift people’s moods during the COVID pandemic. Sex and drugs were among the 43 options participants could choose from, along with exercise, cooking, social media, video calls, and various types of entertainment. The … Continue reading Music Monday: What’s the Best Way to Cope with the Pandemic?

Then and Now: In This Case, I Think I Liked Then Better

We were watching the New Year's Rockin' Eve show earlier this evening and one of the performers was Nelly. I've heard the name, but I don't really know any of his music (fun fact, though: our dog's name is Nellie - just a coincidence. That was her name when we rescued her). The song he … Continue reading Then and Now: In This Case, I Think I Liked Then Better

Music Monday: C-G-G-A-G B-C

I'd be impressed if anyone knew what medley those musical notes refer to. Give up? Think about how many of us may occasionally knock on a door - five quick taps, then a pause, followed by two taps. Here's the tune on an organ: the guitar: A parrot: and Bugs Bunny: … Continue reading Music Monday: C-G-G-A-G B-C

Music Monday: And My Number One Christmas Song Is…

Let's just cut right to the chase. Anyone who knows even just a little about me can probably guess what my all-time favorite Christmas song is. As a hint, the song just happens to also be sung by my favorite musical artist. You guessed it - Santa Claus is Comin' to Town by Bruce Sprinsgteen … Continue reading Music Monday: And My Number One Christmas Song Is…

A Wonderful Christmas Message: #GiveWhatYouCan

I first wrote about Hafod Hardware of Wales last year when I discovered the wonderful Christmas advert they had put together, for a grand total of just $130. Well, they did it again this year. For 2020, the family-run businesses’ advert, with the tagline #GiveWhatYou Can, shows three-year-old Arthur secretly gathering household items, such as … Continue reading A Wonderful Christmas Message: #GiveWhatYouCan

Music Monday: And The Runner-up Is…

Last week I started the countdown of my top three Christmas songs. In third place was the beautiful song Oh Holy Night, sung by the remarkable Josh Groban. Today I am announcing my second favorite Christmas song, the runner-up for the title: Christmas in L.A. by The Killers Like all of my top three … Continue reading Music Monday: And The Runner-up Is…

Music Monday: My Favorite Christmas Songs Countdown

There are only three Mondays in December before Christmas, and I thought I would use those three Mondays to highlight my three favorite Christmas songs, one eah week. As you could imagine, given that there are so many great Christmas songs, it is tough narrowing it down to just three songs. And Clive does not … Continue reading Music Monday: My Favorite Christmas Songs Countdown

Mary Poppins and COVID-19

What does a fictional character from a 1964 film have to do with COVID-19? Well, thanks to my wife, I learned what that connection is - the classic song A Spoonful of Sugar. Earlier this week, Jeffrey Sherman, the son and nephew of the Sherman Brothers—the musical duo responsible for "Mary Poppins," as well as … Continue reading Mary Poppins and COVID-19