Multitasking Gone Wild

I somehow came across this disturbing TikTok video:

This initiative is currently taking place in a handful of McDonald’s in China.  Recent studies have shown that obesity is on the rise in China, with 5-6 percent of the general population being classified as obese. In some cities where fast food is popular, that rate is as high as 50 percent.

This just seems so wrong.

Maybe bars and cigar lounges should start offering such an option.

Combine something unhealthy with something healthy, and you’re good to go.

There are just so many issues.

First, I can’t imagine anyone going full out on one of these, but pedaling along at a very slow to modest pace. Depending on your fitness goal, that may not provide much benefit.

Second, there is likely a challenge with trying to eat your meal while pedaling along. What if you drop some food or spill your drink? Won’t your hands possibly get some food on the bike?

Third, there is a direct health issue: some people have pointed out that eating while doing cardio is potentially bad for your digestive system. There are actually studies that indicate working out on a full stomach isn’t a good idea.

Can you imagine if Mcdonald’s were to hire someone to lead a group fitness class on these bikes? The instructor would have to be eating a Big Mac at the time she is yelling out her commands. Can you imagine how mumbled the words would be and the potential for food to be flying everywhere?

My guess is that this is just a way to help people feel good about themselves when they know they are eating some unhealthy food.

I don’t know if this will catch on in other parts of the world, but if it does, I am sure we will soon see treadmills at Burger King…

*image from McDonalds

50 thoughts on “Multitasking Gone Wild

    1. I was wondering, like Clive, whether this was an early April Fool’s joke. But I could not find anything to dispute it. And I am guessing there are probably many people who eat in the bathroom. I know many people like to take a beer into the shower with them πŸ™‚


      1. I always think people respond to financial incentives; so perhaps an extra tax on fast food, like they have on cigarettes. perhaps that, along with the warning, might work…

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  1. A while back, I saw a photo of an entrance to a restaurant in China that had several gates of increasing width, and prices posted on each of them. The price was determined based on the narrowest gate a prospective diner could squeeze through …

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  2. I can’t think of a single thing more unsanitary than a spin bike. I sterilize my hands as soon as a class ends. I can’t imagine touching the bike and then shoving something in my mouth.

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  3. I think you hit on it, it makes people feel good! Not that it will help much if you are constantly eating McDonald’s food, but the person can pretend that it will.
    As others have said, Yes, Crazy!

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  4. My mother-in-law always said, “Everything in moderation.” McDonalds is fine, just not all the time. Their marketing push with the bike is an attempt to make eating there guilt free.

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