I May Have Just Found My Calling for When I Retire

I’ve been watching this nail-biter of a game between Villanova and UConn, and during one of the time-outs, a commercial came on that gave me an idea of how I can make some money when I retire.

Here is the commercial:

So I thought if Flo’s sister is willing to have Flo come to her house to talk insurance as a way to put her baby to sleep, then she would probably pay a premium to have someone come to her house to talk about accounting. It’s quicker, and would be essentially 100% foolproof.

I never knew such a job might exist.

But if I look back over my teaching career, it’s a role I’ve worked on and perfected for over 35 years.

And I’ve probably got thousands of references; just ask any of my former students.

Maybe that’s whom I should reach out to as a way to build my business…

*image from All TV Spots

P.S. game update: Nova lost by two… 😦

64 thoughts on “I May Have Just Found My Calling for When I Retire

  1. I still remember your video of when you went to sleep. You could charge a pay-per-view.

    I’m a big fan of most of these Progressive ads with Flo and Jaime and the rest of the crew.


    1. that video could be used as a promo – showing that it is so powerful that I can put myself to sleep while watching videos of myself.

      I also enjoy the Progressive ads.


  2. Hi Jim, My son asked me how he should start writing a blog post for a Uni assignment. The post is about climate change. I said that my blogging friend, Jim, writes about articles he reads and his format would be useful to consider. I found this post which was perfect for my purpose. I will up you and offer to read to babies about IFRS.

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    1. that’s exciting about your son; if he starts writing a blog, please share his web site.

      and reading about IFRS would be tough to compete with; perhaps the market is big enough for the two of us πŸ™‚

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  3. Hahaha I agree, this is a great career plan b or when you retire lol my husband’s new thing to put me to sleep is explaining how wordle strategy for every single puzzle he solves lol I’m beginning to think he just likes to hear himself talk lol

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