This Blog Post Can Be All Yours for Just $5,700

I think it’s time for me to stake my claim and make my fortune in the world of digital assets.

This insight dawned on me the other day while I was reading an article about the metaverse in the Wall Street Journal.

Sidebar – do not ask me what the metaverse is. I have no idea, and I don’t think most people understand what it is either. But I think that gives me the opportunity to be an early mover, an innovator, a swindler, and a trailblazer. And as a result, it will make me a wealthy individual.

Here is an excerpt from the WSJ article:

Brands have gone all in on the metaverse. Disney and companies like it have hired executives to oversee it. Balenciaga and Diesel parent company OTB Group have set up divisions dedicated to projects including NFTs, digital avatars, and virtual clothing. Gucci, Givenchy, and Ralph Lauren have been rolling out experiences for Roblox, while Nike and Moncler have debuted virtual goods in the game Fortnite. Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, and the Chainsmokers have hosted digital concerts.

“NFTs get a lot of attention for being super high-priced collector items, and so far there’s no high-end world to display them in,” said Benoit Pagotto, co-founder of Rtfkt, a virtual asset company that sells $500 sneakers and $10,000 avatars; it was acquired by Nike last year. But the lack of elite gallery space hasn’t dissuaded Rtfkt’s clientele, he said, who seem happy enough to display their items in digital spaces they love.

Sidebar – do not ask me what an NFT is. I have no idea, and I don’t think most people understand what it is either. But I think that gives me the opportunity to be an early mover, an innovator, a swindler, and a trailblazer. And as a result, it will make me a wealthy individual.

Despite my lack of knowledge of the metaverse and NFTs, I think I can find a few people out there in those virtual worlds who would love to hang my blog posts on their virtual walls in their virtual houses.

So I figured I’d start with this blog post. I’m not sure if this blog post is a metaverse or an NFT, but I assume it is a digital asset because I typed it on my laptop.

However, I am guessing the people who want to decorate their virtual homes in the metaverse will know exactly what kind of digital asset this blog post is and will immediately recognize its value. They can be the first person in their virtual neighborhood to start plastering their virtual walls with high-quality WordPress blog posts.

So take those old newspaper clippings off your wall – that’s so 20th century – and frame your favorite WordPress blog posts.

If do the math correctly, at $5,700 a blog post (the first two numbers are based on the year I was born) for the 2,665 blog posts I have written, that amounts to over 15 million dollars.

I can’t wait to rub all that money in the face of the people who said my blog was about nothing, that it was complete blather.

Well, it was about something. It was about the Benjamins the whole time.

Let the bidding begin…

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78 thoughts on “This Blog Post Can Be All Yours for Just $5,700

  1. Absolutely hysterical!!! Love your wit and your way with words, Jim; always a pleasure to read your sentiments! Although extremely tempting, I will respectfully decline, but please keep on doing your blogging thing!!!

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    1. I’m sure I could start bundling them into various packages:

      funny posts (a bundle of all three posts that would qualify for such a category)

      school posts (a bundle of 10 posts that my family might enjoy)

      nonsense posts (the remaining 2,652 posts)

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      1. I’ve come up with a lot of taglines during my career, such as:

        “measure twice, cut once.”
        “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”
        “culture eats strategy for business”
        “there is no I in team”

        maybe I could monetize a few of these…

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  2. If I had an extra $10,000 lying around(like that’s going to happen), spending it on an avatar would be the furthest thing on my mind.

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      1. So great! He was working most of the time, getting ready for the first game (they won a hard-fought contest against one of the best teams in the conference), but my best memory from this trip was being able to spend quality time with our future daughter-in-law. She’s intelligent, independent, and supportive. It does my heart good to see how happy they are.

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  3. it’s now so clear what a shrewd marketer/business shark you are. and to think all this time you were hiding under the guise of a bright, witty professor –

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  4. NFTs are Non Fungible Tokens like Bitcoin. I don’t get it either… The metaverse is here whether we like it or not. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all Metaverse. No questions asked…

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  5. Hahaha everything you don’t wish to be ask, I feel like asking because I don’t know as well haha 😀 Aw who cares about the hater, we love your blog and it’s all that matter hahahaha

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  6. This discussion about Metaverse and NFTs sort of leaves me in a fog. Kind of like when my sister used my car once. She struggled for a bit in finding the ignition start button. She’d never driven a car with a keyless start.

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  7. hehe this is how I feel when I write about things I don’t completely understand myself, I just have a very wide concept of it lol… “Don’t ask me, I don’t fully understand and I don’t think most ppl either!” lol

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