“Congratulations! You’re OK for Now.”

That was the result I received after taking a six-question quiz to determine if I am burned out at work, and if so, what is causing my burnout. The quiz, which took less than a minute, was in today's Wall Street Journal. Hopefully, this link will work if you're interested: Take the Quiz The different … Continue reading “Congratulations! You’re OK for Now.”

Will Doctors Soon Go The Way of Pinboys?

In bowling, a pinsetter or pinspotter is an automated mechanical device that sets bowling pins back in their original positions, returns bowling balls to the front of the alley, and clears fallen pins on the pin deck. Prior to the machine's invention, pinsetters were boys or young men (pin boys) who manually reset pins and returned balls (see picture above) The first mechanical pinsetter … Continue reading Will Doctors Soon Go The Way of Pinboys?

Would You Take This Test?

If a test could indicate the likelihood of dying within the next 10 years, would you take such a test? An international team of researchers has discovered a link between the biological age of a person’s retinas and their risk of death. The results indicate that a simple eye test may provide doctors with a clue … Continue reading Would You Take This Test?

Where’s My Joie de vivre?

Joie de vivre is a French phrase often used in English to express a cheerful enjoyment of life, an exultation of spirit. It "can be a joy of conversation, joy of eating, joy of anything one might do… And joie de vivre may be seen as a joy of everything, a comprehensive joy, a philosophy of life, a Weltanschauung. Robert's Dictionnaire says "joie" … Continue reading Where’s My Joie de vivre?

Do You Suffer from Nose Blindness?

We've all got our fears. Public speaking. Walking down a dark street. Swimming in deep water. Me? Reptiles. Snakes, alligators, crocodiles. I don't want to be within 100 miles of them. Retiring to Florida could be a problem. But there is one fear I was not aware of. According to the Wall Street Journal, "one … Continue reading Do You Suffer from Nose Blindness?

“Your Food Choices Could Not Be Tied to Any One Social Class”*

That was the result of one of those weird online tests that one can take. My middle son sent the link to me, so I thought I would give it a try. You are shown 35 food choices, one at a time, and you are asked whether you would like to eat that food choice … Continue reading “Your Food Choices Could Not Be Tied to Any One Social Class”*

Marvel Superheroes Get Old Just Like the Rest of Us

In another episode of "I can't believe people do this kind of research", researchers in Australia concluded that, in the real world, Marvel superheroes are more prone to dementia, life-changing physical injuries, and disability because of their exposure to loud noises, air pollution, and head injuries. Among the findings: The Incredible Hulk’s heart problems, excess … Continue reading Marvel Superheroes Get Old Just Like the Rest of Us

How to Trick Your Kids, and Maybe Readers of Your Blog

This week's column from Dan Ariely may offer the key to how to get more people to read your blog. Here's the question he received: The only way I can get my kids to eat fruits and vegetables is to reward them for it, usually with screen time. My sister allows my nieces to eat … Continue reading How to Trick Your Kids, and Maybe Readers of Your Blog

Where Should You Live?

The New York Times Opinion editors have created a website that will help you find places in the United States that best suit what you are looking for in terms of potentially multiple criteria. Here is the link: Where Should You Live? The choices are grouped into four categories: Lifestyle (17 choices) Climate (6 choices) … Continue reading Where Should You Live?

If You’re Going to Give a Hug, Make It Count

Let's see what science has to say. Researchers at Goldsmiths, London University, carried out two studies. In the first, participants hugged for one, five, or 10 seconds - with two different arm crossing styles and reported how pleasant, arousing, and under control the touch felt. They found that a hug lasting between five and ten … Continue reading If You’re Going to Give a Hug, Make It Count