Music Monday: Nashville’s Charly Reynolds

Once again I am grateful to Coti Howell of the Nashville Noise for introducing me to Charly Reynolds in one of her recent posts. Coti also introduced me to the amazing band MAMADEAR, one of my favorite new artists of the past 10 years or so. Here is a brief intro to the interview Coti … Continue reading Music Monday: Nashville’s Charly Reynolds

Music Monday: It’s Way Too Easy…

This is a follow-up to a post I wrote back in December, 2019: Punk Rock with a Message I can’t say I know much about punk rock, but it is cool being friends with the lead singer and guitarist of a punk rock band. I’ve written about Bud Drago before; he is a fellow faculty member at … Continue reading Music Monday: It’s Way Too Easy…

Love Is in the Air!

I was leaving the grocery store parking lot when I noticed an older gentleman, perhaps in his late 70s, early 80s, walking gingerly across the snowy parking lot with a shopping bag in one hand, and a small bouquet of flowers in the other. And I thought to myself, true love. Two minutes later I … Continue reading Love Is in the Air!

Music Monday: Cat Stevens, Then and Now

Over five years ago, I wrote a post that included videos of Bruce Springsteen playing one of his classic songs, Thundercrack, 39 years apart. In that post I wrote the following: It’s fascinating to watch someone perform the same song, 39 years apart. What’s even more amazing is to notice that Bruce still has the … Continue reading Music Monday: Cat Stevens, Then and Now

Local Guy Makes THE App for the Holiday Season

It only took Mike Kane, a self-taught programmer from the Philly suburbs, three weekends to design his ChristmasPrism app. Late on Friday nights and early on Saturday mornings, before breakfast. The app allows homeowners with Christmas light displays to upload a photo of their home to the ChristmasPrism app. People out hunting for cool Christmas … Continue reading Local Guy Makes THE App for the Holiday Season

Music Monday: And The Runner-up Is…

Last week I started the countdown of my top three Christmas songs. In third place was the beautiful song Oh Holy Night, sung by the remarkable Josh Groban. Today I am announcing my second favorite Christmas song, the runner-up for the title: Christmas in L.A. by The Killers Like all of my top three … Continue reading Music Monday: And The Runner-up Is…


I have written about Legos before, and I consider them the best toy of all time. And I’m sure we’ve all seen elaborate constructions built completely from Legos. But the story I just read on NPR about a 12-year-old boy who builds German football stadiums using Legos added another twist to the awesomeness of these … Continue reading LEGOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Third Time Is a Charm

I just finished watching President-Elect Joe Biden's speech from Wilmington, Delaware. I thought it was a wonderful speech; inspirational, emotional, and optimistic. I wish him and Kamala Harris the best of luck. Here is the full text of the speech, as prepared for delivery (the video is at the end): My fellow Americans, the people … Continue reading The Third Time Is a Charm

Wowed Again, Again. Student Vision Board Project, 2020.

For the past several years, I have had my freshmen business students create vision boards, and then in three to five minutes, present his or her vision board to the class. The whole process takes three days of class time (spread over three weeks), but it is well worth it. All I can say after … Continue reading Wowed Again, Again. Student Vision Board Project, 2020.

Is Seth Godin Picking on Scrabble Players?

Here was Seth Godin's post from the other day: People who are very good at Scrabble are not more kind, better judges of character, more facile with soft skills, better long-term thinkers, more fun at parties or much of anything except good at Scrabble. (emphasis added) Of course we don’t decide on who should have … Continue reading Is Seth Godin Picking on Scrabble Players?