“Your Food Choices Could Not Be Tied to Any One Social Class”*

That was the result of one of those weird online tests that one can take. My middle son sent the link to me, so I thought I would give it a try.

You are shown 35 food choices, one at a time, and you are asked whether you would like to eat that food choice or not, on a scale of strongly agree to strongly disagree. The results are supposed to suggest what social class your food choices most closely align with.

With nearly every option being non-vegan friendly, I selected strongly disagree for virtually every food choice. I think I selected “strongly agree” for a baked potato and “agree” for potato chips, and everything else was “strongly disagree”.

I guess the test is not geared towards the less than one percent of the world’s population that is vegan.

As for my son who sent me the test, he identified as upper and upper-middle class.

If you’ve got nothing to do for five minutes and want to see how your food choices might define what class you are associated with, here is the link. The test takes less than five minutes.

The website also has dozens of other free personality tests, many of which are based on peer-reviewed scientific research, and all of which are crafted by experts in psychometrics. Examples of these tests include:

  • measuring your cat’s personality
  • is your cat a psychopath
  • are you difficult to get along with
  • are you a psychopath
  • what is your level of toxic positivity

I didn’t see a test that measures whether you are the type of person more likely to take such tests…

*This post comes with a  rabbit-hole warning. Be careful what you click on…

73 thoughts on ““Your Food Choices Could Not Be Tied to Any One Social Class”*

  1. I wonder if the researchers could adjust for those results by writing “assume a meat-free/mock meat version has been presented”. This would probably give a slightly better indication of broad ‘tastes’ vs socioeconomic background.

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    1. fro the web site: It is defined as the tendency to portray oneself as being happy no matter what. People who suffer from Toxic Positivity are switched off to anything that might be viewed as negative. By extension, people who suffer from Toxic Positivity are also inclined to encourage others to always see the bright side and not open up about sad or difficult issues.

      I guess someone like that could get annoying…

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  2. I’m happy to say that I defied classification. I liked just about everything. There were three mac & cheese dishes if I remember right. I wonder how the lobster and grits is classified. That dish combines upper class and lower class foods.

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  3. i’m sprayed with color all over the place, but clearly dominant in middle class eating. i just want to know if my flamin’ hot cheetos addiction would push me into the upper? )

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  4. I clicked on the link but as I’d never even heard of the first food choice I guessed the survey is geared to Americans – and what counts for the class divisions over there may not be the same here anyway. I’m intrigued as to what you have to do if it turns out that both you and your cat are psychopaths, though. Is there a survey on the best ways to murder your cat?

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  5. It transpires from this test that I am “upper class”! I’m not surprised as I eat oysters for example but avoid burgers, hot dogs etc and anything that might have wheat in them ……. Because I am a full blown coeliac! However, despite being well educated and wealthy, I am solid working class, and if my dear departed mum saw my result she’d murder me! I’ll keep my mouth shut about the reliability and validity of such tests, but being a psychologist I’m skewed in my view 😂😂. If you’re interested Im an INTJ and I’ll leave it to you to work that out. Nice post though Jim and I’ll show it around 🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏


  6. Ok I had to do this. No surprises there. I am middle class. There was a lot of Mac and cheese involved and I said yes to lobster tail and grits but I really hate grits. They would be left behind for the sake of the lobster. You on the other hand, being a vegan, would die of starvation.

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    1. Apparently I’m upper middle class lol but I would’ve been upper class if I weren’t allergic to lobster 🤣

      Also, made my husband do the IQ test and he got perfect score… 16/16 😱🤔🤔🤔🤔

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  7. I guess you are in a class by yourself, Jim, LOL. Elite! I might be one class above dumpster diver but I’m trying. I had a salad the other day. Then I gorged on yogurt covered pretzels. And I had been doing so well not eating sweets. There just weren’t any in the dumpsters I could reach. 🙂

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