How Wonderful It Would Be to See the World the Way Kids See It

Advertising firm Wieden + Kennedy and toymaker Fisher-Price are trying to reawaken the wonder that adults should have for children’s ability to play, to make ordinary things playthings, to make the everyday world a fantasy place. To make toys out of anything.

The new ad campaign is part of Fisher-Price’s Let’s be Kids platform, the brand’s invitation to grown-ups to see the world with openness, optimism and enthusiasm, which launched in November 2019.

Wieden+Kennedy describes its campaign, See Toys Everywhere, as a “playful reminder that toys really are all around us”.

Here is a delightful ad from the campaign that shows how kids see the world, one in which they can transform any object into a plaything.

It’s a wonderful ad, but it seems to raise a question.

If kids can transform any ordinary object into a toy, why would there be any need to buy toys from Fisher-Price…



55 thoughts on “How Wonderful It Would Be to See the World the Way Kids See It

  1. I absolutely love this! I think it is meant to support the idea of play in general, and the joy and wonder of childhood imaginations. a feel good spot about fisher price being a part of that and supporting childhood, a childhood which may include a fisher price toy. a feel good toward the brand and their understanding of children ad. just my take –

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    1. I thought you might like this one; it seemed right up your alley with your advertising and teaching background. And I think you’re right, it is a way to leave the viewer with a good feeling, and associate such a feeling with Fisher Price…

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  2. What a beautiful ad. Children can use all those real world opportunities, when available to them, alongside other manufactured toys to spark their imagination. A little of both is a good thing.

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  3. The question that raises for me is why they used an adult voice and digitised it to make it sound like a child. It’s weird, and a child’s fee would have been cheaper, too 😉

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  4. Great ad. I love it. However parents these days don’t want their kids playing with sticks and hoses or anything else that could be messy or become something other than what they think it should be so there’s a need for toy wands that look like wands and toy snakes that look like snakes and toy phones that look like phones. Parents require their kids to use their imagination with realistic looking props. A very sad state.

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  5. I don’t think Fisher-Price is worried about not selling toys. Kids, as I recall from personal experience, are quite susceptible to the power of advertising to create strong desire for things we don’t need.

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  6. I love Fisher Price toys, they are such good quality. To answer your question, Jim, it is terrific fun to play in a sandpit with a hosepipe, but it is every more fun if you can build and populate a pirate island or a fort with soldiers. It adds anther dimension of learning experience.

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      1. Oh she does.. Most Thai children do as not so many toys available or the money to buy them.. so they play with what they have or make it from bits and bobs.. But so much better as not at all materialistic.. which to me is good.. x

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      2. It is, Jim…when my kids were growing up I have to say sometimes their Xmas list used to make me gulp and think jeez how can we do that…Kids here are so different ask them what they want and they will give you an answer which is generally one item…and my daughter in law is a stickler she just says to me you can’t eat that…food is a priority here not toys or gifts which are seen as frivolous… truly humbling…if the kids are bored they will be given some work to do on the farm…they don’t utter that word often …lol x

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      1. Ah, yes…that would make sense! Also, if I scroll far enough it presents me with categories which are clearly tailored to me.

        You and The Sceptics Kaddish have each appeared, with different posts, for well over a month!

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      2. Pretty much a general personal blog but it started from him doing a year long “kaddish”, a type of jewish mourning, on his own during covid lockdowns. I think he’s in Israel. He’s a good writer. I’m learning a lot about a culture I know little about.

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