The Dangers of Blogging While Tired

As soon as I saw what happened, I knew I would have to write a blog post about it.

Earlier today, skksfjkf asfjskl jfdklsaj;sgja’fa;sfk;lllllllllllllllfs

Oops, sorry, I must have fallen asleep while writing that last sentence.

Anyway, as I was saying…

Earlier today, I was walking across campus and I noticed off to my right that a large crowd had gathered. I decided to venture over that way, and I was shocked at what I saw.

Two students had decided to skdfja;lskjdf  aoirue[wqrf a[oir31 r[ 4qpotr4’iq3ft]q20hitwih[0qwh

Dang it! Sorry, I fell asleep again. Back to the story.

So these two students, with no apparent care in the world, and oblivious to the large crowd gathered around them, were asjasdojfq aoiruowi'[0491 ashfwqepoiru oruwqeopurei]3ori]pr3[094gow

Wait, how did that happen? It’s now four hours later than when I started the previous sentence. That one beer at dinner must have really taken a toll on me.

But let me try and finish this post.

I just went back to read the first part, and none of it makes sense to me (now I know what it is like for people who read my blog).

I don’t remember walking across campus or seeing a large crowd at any point in the day. Was I somehow dreaming the whole scenario? Had I been drifting in and out of consciousness even before I started writing the blog?

Now I’m too tired to come up with anything else to write about. I’d really been counting on revealing what those two students were up to, but I am as much in the dark as you are.

So my apologies if you’ve read this far, expecting to find something that would have made it worth your time. But you were warned about not reading this.

And so once again, all we are left with is the usual blather…

(be sure to hit the like button anyway…)

*image from Mo Fanning

12 thoughts on “The Dangers of Blogging While Tired

  1. Hahaha at first glance I thought this post was about me. 🤣 I don’t write posts when I’m tired but I am guilty of reading on my phone while I’m tired. I have left comments that make no sense, I have sent text messages in my sleep. I once sent a friend a message on Facebook that said iklokdbep ilohg at 2am hahaha.


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