Is This What a Dine and Dash Crime Scene Looks Like?

The photo above is one I took as I was leaving my building today, Friday afternoon.

I’d like to give the benefit of doubt to whoever had been sitting there; maybe they had just stepped away to use the restroom.

After all, someone who reads the Wall Street Journal wouldn’t just leave a mess like that for someone else to clean up, would they?



49 thoughts on “Is This What a Dine and Dash Crime Scene Looks Like?

  1. Hi Jim, I think people who read the Wall Street Journal are very likely to expect others to clean up after them. I see this sort of thing all the time. Admittedly, South African restaurants and other eateries are not strict about self service and self clean up like the UK facilities are.

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  2. They left quickly when they got the call. They hadn’t read the WSJ and left the unfinished drink and take-out box. Fortunately the boy was alright after giving them quite a scare. But the person who took the ten spot left to cover the mess had no shame.

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  3. Having grown up in a developing country, I have to say that that’s a common sight for me. We used to go to fast food chains and leave tables like that, just like how we would in a restaurant. Times are changing though, which is always a good thing to see.

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  4. hmmm I feel like I am missing some context here… you live in the building of this restaurant? Was it a restaurant or a cafeteria? Also, I’ve done this before lol I’ve forgotten my left-overs at a restaurant… sucks LOL

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