A Wonderful Christmas Message: #GiveWhatYouCan

I first wrote about Hafod Hardware of Wales last year when I discovered the wonderful Christmas advert they had put together, for a grand total of just $130.

Well, they did it again this year.

For 2020, the family-run businesses’ advert, with the tagline #GiveWhatYou Can, shows three-year-old Arthur secretly gathering household items, such as toilet roll, batteries, and eggs, to gift his parents after mistaking their shopping list for their Christmas wishlist.

The touching three-minute-long commercial, which features a cover of “Hard Times Come No More” by Andrea von Kampen, has once again been created on a shoestring budget for under $130 by the store’s owner, Tom Jones. Like last year, the money is used to cover the rights to the music.

Mr. Jones said he almost decided not to make an advert this year but, after being bombarded with requests, the family went ahead. The advert, filmed inside Tom and his wife Laura’s flat, was completed over a recent weekend. He notes that they took a different approach this year.

“We didn’t want it to be about spending money at Christmas when people are finding it very hard financially. This year it’s less about business and a clear message about just giving what you can. I don’t think it would be reasonable for people to spend what money they have at independent shops, so this year it’s about looking after yourselves and your families.”

The ad also features a nod to British retailer John Lewis, with a toy version of Edgar the excitable dragon – the star of the retailer’s 2019 Christmas advert – making a brief appearance. John Lewis sent Edgar as a gift to Arthur following the success of Hafod Hardware’s advert last year, and Mr. Jones felt it was only right to feature the toy this year.

Fellow blogger Clive is also a big fan of the Hafod adverts, and has written about this year’s ad as well as their previous ads. Here is part of what he had to say about this year’s advert:

The music for all four of their Christmas ads has been provided by Andrea Von Kampen, and the beautiful simplicity of her songs is a perfect fit. This song is actually a real oldie, which has become a traditional folk song in the US. It was written by Stephen Foster (the ‘father of American music’) in 1854, and its message of asking the fortunate to consider those less lucky than themselves is just as true today as ever.

Clive has been putting together a wonderful Christmas series featuring his favorite Christmas music. You will also find the Hafod adverts in those posts, along with a daily Christmas cartoon. If you like WOTE, you must read these Advent Calendar posts.

So Hafod Hardware has once again proved that it does not take a lot of money to have a wonderful Christmas with your family and loved ones, or to create a wonderful Christmas advert…

22 thoughts on “A Wonderful Christmas Message: #GiveWhatYouCan

  1. Cute kid. It should always be about giving what you can. I can’t help thinking about those who have the platform who use that privileged position to do some good in the world instead of buying another house to add to their collection.

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  2. Hard not to be moved by such a powerful and caring video. If they ever get tired running the hardware store, I think they may have a future in advertising. I know companies who would spend ten times the cost to have a commercial that speaks so clearly. Great post, my friend!

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  3. A lovely post, Jim, and it’s good to see a fellow Hafod fan sharing their message. Many thanks for the links to my blog, though I’m afraid I’ve let you down: today’s image isn’t a cartoon!

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