Die Hard: Christmas Movie or Not?

We just finished watching Die Hard for the umpteenth time; it’s become a holiday season tradition.

But it makes me wonder why it is considered a Christmas movie.

Rotten Tomatoes certainly has no problem classifying it as one; in its ranking of the 63 best Christmas movies, Die Hard comes in at number 12.

But Terry Turrones, a journalist for the Gazette, may offer the definitive answer(s).

Last year he conducted a Twitter poll to which nearly 100 people responded, with close to 79% saying yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

Turrones then offers seven reasons why he agrees with the results of the poll:

  1. It takes place during a holiday office party
  2. It has Christmas music
  3. John McClain’s wife has a Christmas-y name (Holly)
  4. There are presents involved
  5. Santa Claus (sort of) makes an appearance
  6. It snows at the end
  7. The stats don’t lie – According to a press release last year from DISH Network, 1.3 million Americans watched “Die Hard” on Christmas Eve in 2016. That beat out traditional holiday favorites “Home Alone,” “Miracle on 34th Street,” and “The Santa Clause.”

So if you’re looking for a good holiday movie, don’t ignore Die Hard just because it came out in July and is packed with violence; it does have a happy ending after all…

Here’s the trailer:

53 thoughts on “Die Hard: Christmas Movie or Not?

  1. I love Die Hard and have seen it many times but would not classify it as a “Christmas” movie. Now if the Japanese company served KFC at the party, then maybe. B/t/w that would probably be the world’s first office Christmas party on Christmas Eve.

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      1. Christmas Eve is a time for family and close friends. As far as what is or isn’t a “Christmas movie”, that’s up to the individual. Your family enjoys getting together to watch Die Hard and that’s the most important thing.

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  2. I suppose, Jim, it depends on how you view the concept of Christmas as it relates to movies. To me, A Christmas Carol is a Christmas movie as it features Christmas and the Christmas message. Die Hard is an action movie set at Christmas time so it doesn’t qualify as a Christmas movie to me. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter so long as people enjoy the holiday.

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  3. I have always thought of it as a Christmas movie, but now I am wondering if that is really accurate. It does occur on Christmas Eve, but there is little else that ties it to the holiday. I guess not everything that a family chooses to watch together on the holidays should be considered a Christmas movie. Either way, it is a classic film and there is a Christmas tree, so I will stick with my original conclusion that it is a Christmas movie. Interesting and thought-provoking post, my friend!

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      1. Die hard 2 actually centers around the McClanes meeting at Dulles to travel to family on Christmas, but you would never think of it as a Christmas movie and it was released in July 1990. Go figure…

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  4. Sorry, I’m with the 21%. Just because it is set at that time of year doesn’t make it a Christmas movie for me: I prefer things which aren’t violent, things which contribute to a feeling of ease and relaxation while I stuff my face with chocolates 😊

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    1. one of my sons sent me this, which he found online somewhere regarding this question:

      “It’s a Christmas movie. it’s about family, reconciliation, and redemption. It’s about facing past mistakes and achieving grace through becoming better people.”

      and there’s nothing to stop you from stuffing your face with chocolates while watching Die Hard 🙂

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      1. As ever, that’s as reliable as anything you can find on the internet. It’s an opinion, and I beg to differ!

        Chocolates will be a part of my Christmas, but Die Hard won’t 😉

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  5. President Obama was interviewed on Jimmy Fallon two weeks ago and was asked about this very matter. He says: “No. It’s a Wonderful Life is a Christmas movie. Charlie Brown’s Christmas is a Christmas movie. Die Hard is an action flick that happens to involve, tangentially, Christmas.” I couldn’t have said it better. See this clip at exactly 2:00, https://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show/video/president-obama-picks-new-yorkstyle-pizza-over-chicago-deep-dish/4276887

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  6. If I ever become overlord of the Earth, my rule on to define whether something is a Christmas movie is:
    Does the plot of the film have something in relation to Christmas?
    Y = Christmas movie
    N = Not a Christmas movie,
    Therefore films like Die Hard, Home Alone and Batman Returns don’t meet the criteria.
    Inclusion of Christmas songs doesn’t count, like I don’t consider songs that add a line about ‘Christmas’ being a christmas song.

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  7. Oddly enough, Mrs Britain and I were discussing the fact that we’d like to see ‘Die Hard’ again the other day. Maybe it’s the time of year! 🙂 But I think of it as a movie where the action takes place at Christmas, rather than as a Christmas movie per se. Is the ‘Battle of the Bulge’ a Christmas movie? To me, ‘Wonderful Life’, ‘Christmas Carol’, Love Actually’, White Christmas’ etc are Christmas movies. On that note, Jim – I wish you the best Christmas you and yours can manage!

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    1. I think that’sa good way to think about; apparently President Obama even weighed in on thi question, and his answer is quite similar to yours. But it is a fun movie to watch this time of year… and Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  8. While I have viewed this film more than once, I am more awestruck by the cohesive cast, action plot, and the inevitable “one-liners.” It may Christmas Eve, but I guess my tastes move toward more traditional Christmas fare from the big screen.

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