I have written about Legos before, and I consider them the best toy of all time.

And I’m sure we’ve all seen elaborate constructions built completely from Legos.

But the story I just read on NPR about a 12-year-old boy who builds German football stadiums using Legos added another twist to the awesomeness of these building bricks.

Joe Bryant, who lives in West Sussex, England, has built more than a dozen models without access to design plans or blueprints, asking fans to send him photos of the stadiums if he has not visited the stadium himself.

He estimates that his most complex works take between 5,000 and 6,000 tiny bricks and about six weeks to build, putting in one to two hours per day.

The final results are so impressive that several teams have asked if they can incorporate them in permanent displays, which pleases Bryant to no end, knowing that his structures will live on.

Here’s a recent interview with Bryant on the BBC breakfast show:

The story reminds me a bit of the nine-year-old who builds photo mosaics using Rubiks cubes.

Impressive young men to say the least…

12 thoughts on “LEGOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. That kid has a lot of talent. I noticed in the interview they were walking around in socks. I wouldn’t do that in a house with that many legos laying around.


  2. Legoland in Denmark build remarkable construction out of lego bricks. It’s so complex it’s hard to imagine how many hours was used to build that park. It’s pure talents. I wish I’ve taken more photos when I went there years ago…


  3. Fascinating hobby! I’d really like to see this kid in ten years and see what he’s doing. One of the things I’m impressed by is how humble he is.


  4. I agree with you Jim. This has got to be the greatest toy ever made. I was glad to see that the football clubs were paying him for his creations so that he can replace the bricks he used and continue his art. Just goes to show what being passionate about something can accomplish. Humble kid who just loves his football!


  5. A wonderful film, and he’s very talented. I was about to congratulate you on not using the dreaded ‘s’ word and then I saw it in your tags – I know it’s a strange concept for Americans that a game where players actually kick the ball is called ‘football.’ And it’s also odd to our eyes that you guys pluralise the Lego name – to us it’s simply the generic trademarked name, we don’t add the ‘s’ there either. Talk about being divided by a common language 😂


  6. Our family are obsessed with Lego – for older son’s 41st birthday he had Lego from his family and from his brother and sister. Younger son and fiancée also give each other the sophisticated ( and expensive ) adult sets at every birthday and Christmas. All the grandchildren love it and when we took four year old grandson into the aquarium shop all he would look at was the tank with Lego submarines. At last I have just been sent a Lego set ( London in one box ) as a lockdown present.


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