Music Monday: Songs for Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving week and what better way to celebrate Music Monday than by sharing a couple of Thanksgiving related songs.

First a little humor:

And this Johnny Cash classic:

Happy Thanksgiving week!

10 thoughts on “Music Monday: Songs for Thanksgiving

  1. The first one was entertaining, but I had never heard the Johnny Cash song before. It is beautiful in its message and simplicity. Just Johnny, his guitar, and a ton of being thankful. Great post for the week’s Music Monday! Hope you are recovering and well!

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  2. Call it conditioning, but I can’t hear those opening notes without expecting the Lone Ranger to appear…

    Have a great Thanksgiving, Jim 😊🦃


  3. what a mix! just like a thanksgiving dinner and the relatives and friends that come along with it! (in a normal year). thanks for sharing these


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