I wish I could blame it on the drugs

But these were all conscious choices.

Adam 12.

The Munsters.

King of queens (a personal favorite)

Everybody loves Raymond.


Leave it to beaver.

The Andy Griffith show.


Total Gym infomercial.

that’s a glimpse of what I’ve been doing in the two days since my surgery.

i guess I just wanted some laughs and happy memories of childhood.

And as I was scrolling through the channel lineup, I noticed there’s still quite a few I haven’t gotten to yet.

Gomer Pyle

Green acres

Hogans heroes

Carol Burnett

Gilligans island

My three sons

Happy Days


I think I know what I’ll be doing this thanksgiving…

15 thoughts on “I wish I could blame it on the drugs

  1. I also did a double-take on the Total Gym Infomercial. By the way, I own one, but it rarely gets used. The workout is highly overrated.


  2. Ah, a long walk down memory lane as you recuperate. If you really want to get nostalgic, turn the color off on the TV and take the batteries out of the remote. That will really take you back! Stay well and continued progress on healing!


  3. nothing wrong with that lineup, though the total gym workout might not make it to my list. that being said, we all have our own comfort viewing experiences that work for us –


  4. I’ve only heard of about half of those, and have watched very few of them. I’ve seen a few Friends and Happy Days, but that’s about it. Hope you have fun catching up with them all 😊 📺


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