This Is Why I Love Commercials…

Earlier today, I was finalizing my notes for my classes for the coming week.

One of the topics I will cover this week is advertising, which gives me a chance to show a few of my favorite commercials, many of which I have highlighted in previous posts.

As I was double-checking to make sure the links to all my favorite commercials still work, many of the ads had me in tears.

Here is one such video:

It’s a wonderful commercial, highlighting the powers of friendship and determination. You’d never know it was a beer commercial until the very end. I always find it amazing that a company can create an ad that can get the viewer so emotionally involved, while also taking the opportunity to showcase its product or service, all in just one minute.

The video made me think of an earlier post I had written about another commercial that also featured someone in a wheelchair, this time a much younger person.

Here is that video:

Kudos to the creative people behind such commercials. They are a testament to the power of words, music, and video.

40 thoughts on “This Is Why I Love Commercials…

  1. Have been on the other end of a commercial once, and coming up with a storyboard, then following through to bringing it to reality, is really a super tough ask, and people who could come up with heart-tugging ads like these really are awesome.

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  2. Looks like Canada ripped off Guinness beer.

    I may not have been moved to tears, but I must admit there was a lump in my throat. Probably that chicken bone I accidentally swallowed.

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  3. I love both commercials for their emotional impact and life lessons. The second one is even better than the first because it is about inclusion and making friends in spite of differences.

    I suspect that I’m better off just enjoying good ads like these and not knowing how the sausage is made.

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  4. It is nearly impossible not to be moved by these two commercials. I think the second one is a little more impactful. In the first, we see a group of friends recognizing and taking on the challenges of their friend and sharing a game. Very much what you would expect from friends. But the kids in the second commercial are reaching out to someone they don’t know in an effort to provide inclusion. Seeing a stranger as a potential friend is a great quality indeed. Great post, Jim! I always love the commercials you find to share.

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  5. Lovely commercials! I’ve worked in marketing – many years ago – and the creatives were some of the weirdest people I’ve ever met. Also some of the funniest and friendliest too. They take a great deal of well-deserved pleasure from seeing these creations come to life.

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  6. It’s really incredible how some brands tell moving stories during a short commercial. I just finished an online marketing course, and I’ve been finding that the approach of focusing on the people who would buy the products as opposed to being all about the product is a lot more powerful and allows more people to feel connected to the brand. I hope I can make commercials like this some day!

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      1. Thank you! And yeah it was a great course! I’ve really spent a lot of time on edX since the pandemic, so I’ll probably try to find another marketing course so I can get as much insight as possible lol

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