Is This the Best 800 Number?

Who doesn’t like a good 1-800 number, especially one that is easy to remember? Here are a few that I like:

  • 800-ASK-BLUE (this is for Independence Blue Cross, the Philly-based licensee of Blue Cross)
  • 800-DOG-POOP (a service that cleans up the dog poop in your yard)
  • 800-JUNK-USA (a junk removal service)
  • 800-GOT-JUNK (a junk removal service)
  • 800-FLOWERS (flower delivery service)
  • 800-I-GO-HOJO (reservation number for Howard Johnson hotels)

But I think my favorite is 1-800-PICK-UPS.

It’s got a couple of things going for it.

First, the name of the company is in the phone number, making it a bit easier to remember.

Second, and this is what I really like, the number could take on a couple of different meanings. If you say PICK followed by spelling out UPS, it is suggesting that a customer should pick UPS over a rival such as Fed Ex. Alternatively, one could say each part as two words, PICk followed by UPS. Since that is what they are in the business of doing, picking things up, then the phone number reinforces what the company does.

So congrats to the creative geniuses at UPS who thought up the 800 number.

It got me thinking of an 800 number I could use, and came up with the following:

  • 800-ACC-PROF (for the accounting teacher in me)
  • 800-I-AM-INTJ (in reference to my Meyers-Brigg personality type)
  • 800-I-JUGGLE (well, at least I used to)
  • 800-SWIMMER (before that Phelps guy grabs it)

and finally,

  • 800-WP-STATS (in honor of my love of WordPress stats)

*image from Business Facilities

63 thoughts on “Is This the Best 800 Number?

  1. We don’t have phone numbers like this in the U.K. – clearly our phone companies are lacking in marketing skills. There have been some attempts at it, but nowadays companies just tell us to visit their website. I think you should make your mark with 1-800-JIM-NOT-JAMES…

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    1. that’s interesting that such numbers are not popular in the U.K.

      and maybe I should start signing my emails with 1-800-JIM-NOT-JAMES – hopefully that would catch peoples attention…

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  2. These numbers are great. I have to admit I’ve never heard of a service that cleans up dog poop. I want to add that to my resume. You are right about the advantages of having a number that is easy to remember. I’m sure Jenny is still glad to know that I remember her number. 867-5309.

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  3. UPS has created a great number for remembering. It sticks in your head. You came up with some really creative and funny ones.

    When I am looking at a phone number I don’t like them to be spelled. Transposing letters to digits makes it harder to dial, for me anyway.

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  4. American ingenuity at work in a good way. I am still scratching my head and laughing about these bogus calls I receive almost daily. I still owe money to for a phantom purchase. They are even kind enough to leave me a message. Good grief!

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  5. This made me smile as here you can choose your phone number and mine begins with 0800 which makes it so easy to remember but if giving to a someone in the UK…like my bank an explanation has to follow as they think I am pulling a fast one…which does make me smile..that’s the wicked streak in me πŸ™‚


  6. This is a great blog! Some people are just genius with advertising. I guess I could get 800-IAMLISA. That might sound too much like a psychic network or call girl! 800-ISHOOTYOU but that sounds like I’m a hired assassin instead of a photographer. I have to give it more thought! πŸ™‚

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