Villanova’s Wonderful Virtual Graduation

It was, no doubt, a strange way to end four years of college for this year's graduates. With formal commencement exercises canceled, Villanova put on a virtual graduation ceremony. And it was wonderful. Here are some screenshots of the ceremony which was broadcast live yesterday afternoon. The top photo is of our President, Father Peter … Continue reading Villanova’s Wonderful Virtual Graduation

Thank You, Villanova

It is a challenging time for higher education, with most schools having closed their campuses this Spring and switched to an online teaching format. In addition, many schools have canceled all on-campus events for this summer. And there is tremendous uncertainty as to what will happen come the Fall semester. My employer, Villanova University, has … Continue reading Thank You, Villanova

From Villanova Class of ’73 to President of Stanford to Chair of Google

John Hennessy returned to his roots tonight, giving a lecture about what the past 50 years have been like since he first arrived on Villanova's campus. John graduated from Villanova in 1973 with a degree in electrical engineering and then went on to Stonybrook University for his Masters and Ph.D. Hennessy then became a Stanford … Continue reading From Villanova Class of ’73 to President of Stanford to Chair of Google

Coach Jay Wright and the Stonecutter

Tonight was the annual talk by Coach Jay Wright to our business school freshmen. As always, Coach Wright was inspirational, sharing his thoughts on leadership, teamwork, hard work, and positive attitude. I thought one story he told was particularly powerful, that of the stonecutter. When I came home later I looked to see if I … Continue reading Coach Jay Wright and the Stonecutter

Why I Don’t Always Root for the Underdog

It's hard to do sometimes, to go against the grain, to not root for the feel good story competitor, the one who is clearly an underdog. After all, everybody loves an underdog. There have been many great sports movies that featured an underdog, and while the underdog may not always win, the audience is unanimous … Continue reading Why I Don’t Always Root for the Underdog

Human Energizer Bunnies

I was reading the paper today, and there was a great story about Judy Collins, of "Both Sides Now" and "Send in the Clowns" fame. I was shocked to read that she is 75 years old! But quoting from the story: "(she) is still as enthusiastic about making music as she was in her heyday. … Continue reading Human Energizer Bunnies