Dr. Rick: Don’t Be Your Parents

I’ve written about and shared many of my favorite TV commercials over the years, but it’s been a while since I have done such a post.

My wife told me about the latest Progressive Insurance commercial, so I had to check it out.

Progressive Insurance has had some of the best commercials on TV over the years, thanks to the wonderful Flo.

About a year ago, they added a new character to their commercials, Dr. Rick. Dr. Rick’s goal is to help new homeowners’ who have started acting like their parents.

And the most recent Dr. Rick commercial is the one my wife told me about.

Here it is:

It’s got humor, it’s got truth, and a memorable catchphrase: “Progressive can’t protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us.”

A winning combo, and another winning ad from Progressive…

25 thoughts on “Dr. Rick: Don’t Be Your Parents

  1. Good commercials, but not so good reputation with vendors…at least as described by two friends that regularly deal with Progressive in an official capacity.

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  2. My parents are totally clueless about all things electronic and my mom never worked so I will never be like her but this is funny, Jim. Where I do sometimes see my mom coming out in me is with regards to my parenting.

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    1. for some reason, the insurance companies do seem to have some of the best ads out there. but like you, I don’t use any of their products…


      1. The fact that I don’t remember if the woodchucks were Geico or Progressive shows that the ads don’t work. I only remember LibMutual because of LiMu Emu.

        I love Mayhem which is… State Farm??? I have no idea!! I chose my insurance based on knowing the rep socially. In a total fluke, he’s also my next door neighbors’ rep.

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  3. I could be in those commercials because I know that I’m a dinosaur. I think commercials are getting more creative all the time, and I like these, along with many of the Geico commercials. Maybe insurance companies are good at this sort of thing. Now, if only the greeting card industry could come along. As a dinosaur, I like to buy greeting cards. The problem is more than half of the cards are completely stupid. Just what I need to see—another card about drinking too much or farting. As I look at them, my mind says, “And somebody got paid for this?”

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  4. I’m just tired of Flo and her bunch. Otherwise I agree re the humor of the insurance commercials in general. A lot of them play off the fact that one purchases insurance to cove things one hopes will never happen like Mayhem and continuing to survive if we keep acting like our parents!

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    1. yes, sometimes it seems like they are on constantly, and you get tired of watching them. But that’s a good suggestion as to why they might use humor in insurance commercials…

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