The Answer Is a Resounding Yes!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post with the title: If You Win Gold at the Olympics, but There Are No Fans There, Did It Really Happen?.

Well, after two nights of watching the Olympics, I can confirm the answer I gave two weeks ago with a resounding yes!

There is just something magical about an Olympics Opening Ceremony and watching athletes from around the world competing against each other.

From my perspective, I have not noticed any difference in the excitement I feel in watching these athletes compete, despite the lack of fans in the stands.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there is no significant breakout of COVID, and I wish all the athletes the best.

Citius – Altius – Fortius.

Faster – Higher – Stronger.

Go Team USA!

32 thoughts on “The Answer Is a Resounding Yes!

  1. I agree. The lack of fans has not made a difference in how much I enjoy watching. And although I feel for the athletes, it does not appear to effect them either. At least, not from the looks on their faces when they take the gold!

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    1. I am always amazed that people come from all over the world; different training styles, different training conditions, and then they race each other and less than one tenth of a second sometimes separates them…

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      1. I think if a tenth of a second keeps you from a medal you should still feel mighty proud!! If I was competing there would be a whole lot more than a tenth of a second separating me and the other athletes. LOL!

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  2. I’ve been watching some of the Olympics. I missed the opening ceremony though. USA basketball sent a weak team and looks like it is paying the price. You’re right. Watching the competition is still fun and exciting.

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  3. I haven’t watched any of it yet, I tend to get more interested when the athletics starts. But now that we’ve started winning some golds maybe it’s time I should take a look…

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  4. SO far, I’ve only watched men’s and women’s (little girl’s) skateboarding. This is the thing I love most about the Olympics. I get to watch and learn about sports that I’m never exposed to, I see some mountain biking happened over the past 24 hours, so I’ll definitely check that out.

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  5. The Olympics cost a lot of money to host, but they put your city’s name in big marquee lights around the globe, and that is priceless advertising. Besides, they’re fun. They’re a chance to see beautiful bodies in motion, moving with precision and strength, being put through the paces. Nothing like a little sweat left on the television lens.

    — Catxman

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