Happy 35th anniversary!

Our oldest son reminded us that today is the 35th anniversary of the our family’s favorite comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes.

He even sent us the first strip from November 18, 1985 in his text message which is shown below:

I then went back through my old blog posts and I discovered that I also written a post about Calvin and Hobbes on the 30th anniversary:

Happy 30th Birthday Calvin and Hobbes!

here is the final strip in the series which I use on the first day of my classes every semester:

I look forward to repeating this post on the 40th anniversary. Long live Calvin and Hobbes!

8 thoughts on “Happy 35th anniversary!

  1. Calvin and Hobbs are great! I like the idea of starting a new class with your “fresh start” cartoon. I hope you’re healing well, Jim.


  2. I always learn something from your posts, Jim! Today I learned tigers love tuna fish sandwiches. Hope you are well and surgery went as expected. Looking forward to hearing you are on the mend and healing. Best wishes, my friend!


  3. I got into Calvin and Hobbes reading a compilation annual (think it was the 10th anniversary one!) at my nana’s house. I was about 10 years old so didn’t always appreciate all the jokes.

    Although I miss it, I appreciate Wattersons artistic integrity to walk out while it was still on top (along with his refusal to sellout his creation).

    That last strip you show, is a work of art! The way the last panel focuses on the blank white snow really illustrates the context of the strip commentary.


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