Happy 35th anniversary!

Our oldest son reminded us that today is the 35th anniversary of the our family’s favorite comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. He even sent us the first strip from November 18, 1985 in his text message which is shown below: I then went back through my old blog posts and I discovered that I also … Continue reading Happy 35th anniversary!

How Do You Spend Your Snow Days?

Today was my first snow day of the semester, and like many snow days it reminds me of the many classic Calvin and Hobbes comic strips devoted to Calvin's adventures in the snow. One strip, the one depicted above, has always stuck with me, and not just because it was the final one.  I often … Continue reading How Do You Spend Your Snow Days?

Life Design Class

Imagine taking college courses titled, "Bruce Springsteen's Theology", "Demystifying the Hipster", "What if Harry Potter Is Real", "Simpsons and Philosophy", and "Calvin and Hobbes". That could potentially be the greatest semester of my life. And while there is no one college offering all of those courses, those are all real courses that have been offered … Continue reading Life Design Class

Another Challenge for the Year

I've enjoyed the 31 day running and writing challenge so far, particularly the writing aspect (although it's only day 3!). I've often thought about starting a daily blog. I've always enjoyed reading Seth Godin's blog,  impressed with the fact that he posts to it every day and at this point has over 5,000 posts, and thought … Continue reading Another Challenge for the Year