Thank You!

I just want to express my gratitude for all the well wishes I received regarding my two broken wrists.

While I am not in much pain, it is quite inconvenient. I never realized how much I take my hands for granted. My wife and son have been incredibly helpful.

A couple of people wondered if I did this to boost my stats. While that is not the case this time around, it did plant the seed for possibly doing so in the future.😀

It is because of all of you that I love being part of the WordPress community.

P.S. Most of this blog post was dictated using Siri on my iPad. It seems remarkably accurate!

P.P.S. *Image from Coffee connections

17 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Whoa! Are you being spoon feed like a baby? 😂 And I’m sure Joyroses and I aren’t one of those people. Because we know you’ll never do that to yourself. You’ll be able to boost your stats without a broken arm. 😁


  2. Oh wow… Sorry to see I missed that previous post, Jim! Two broken wrists? That’s a blogger’s nightmare! I hope you’ll heal soon, very very soon. And I have a question… You didn’t do this to get Greenlanders to pity you, did you? 😉 *Big hugs*


  3. I am glad that dictating your posts has worked out. You may get so good at it that you never have to type a post again. I am interested in hearing how you are getting by in the lecture hall. I have no doubt that your loving wife and progeny will take good care of you. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a full and speedy recovery, my friend!


  4. luckily your personal assistant, siri, came through. also lucky you have the team to support you, and as a reader, i welcome your blog in any form, even if your assistant might make a future error.


  5. I hope nobody has cast doubts about your broken wrists, or made any other bones about them. Breaking your wrists to boost your stats would be really going out on a limb. Although it would help you to claim that you’re willing to give an arm and a leg to bring your numbers up.


  6. I really need to stay caught up better, sorry I didn’t know about this Jim, I sure hope you have a very speedy recovery Jim! Hope you are able to have an enjoyable weekend! Thoughts and prayers for you at this time!😀😺


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