Is This Something to Brag About?

I've been on a crossword puzzle kick lately, after my wife had bought me a book of such puzzles. The puzzles are relatively easy, and only take about 10-15 minutes to complete, at least how I define complete. I might solve 95% of a puzzle and realize there's no way I'll ever solve for the … Continue reading Is This Something to Brag About?

What Is Your Opposite Job?

The New York Times created an online app that uses data from the Labor Department to determine what the polar opposite of a given job is. For example, here are some polar opposites: kindergarten teacher and physicist news editor and model chief executive and agricultural grader writer/author and mobile home installer The Labor Department keeps … Continue reading What Is Your Opposite Job?

Is This the Best Grade School Performance Ever?

Every year, Cannes Lions explores the value of creativity in branded communication: from product and service development to the creative strategy, execution, and impact. Since I'm such a fan of commercials, I always look forward to seeing what the winning ads were from the Festival. The winning ad in the Film Lions category was a … Continue reading Is This the Best Grade School Performance Ever?