My College Students Keep Me Young…

One of the benefits of being around college students all the time is that I have a better chance of being up-to-date on pop culture. And today's class was a perfect example. I had asked students to go into their Zoom breakout rooms and to come up with a list of people or companies who … Continue reading My College Students Keep Me Young…

Sometimes Comments Are Out of Line

Even though I might sometimes disagree with some of the items they publish, I love the WSJ. Check my blog; dozens of posts I have written over the past five years have been based on something I've read in the Journal. Just ask my students. It's usually how I start off each class, talking about … Continue reading Sometimes Comments Are Out of Line

The Name Game – 2020 Edition

Early on at the beginning of each semester, I set aside a day for what I call The Name Game. The “Game” requires each student to come to the front of the room, introduce themselves, and then use a prop or some way to help us remember their name. (Admittedly I stole the idea from … Continue reading The Name Game – 2020 Edition

A Thought Experiment

If students were left alone in a room to take a test, with no supervision, how many would cheat? If it's a small number, is it worth creating an elaborate set of rules and procedures to prevent such cheating? Would such rules and procedures send a message to the honest students that we don't trust … Continue reading A Thought Experiment

Fun Facts and Figures

My first foray into blogging was with a site named The WSJ Blogger, which I started in August, 2012. The purpose of the site, as evidenced by its tagline, was to provide daily highlights from The Wall Street Journal along with other great articles and videos, all designed to inform, educate, and entertain. I kept that blog … Continue reading Fun Facts and Figures