Coca-Cola’s Heartwarming 2020 Christmas Ad

Coca-Cola has always had some great ads, and this year's Christmas video is no exception. Coca-Cola's Christmas marketing campaign, called ‘The Letter’, asks consumers to “give something only you can give – yourself” this Christmas as it encourages people to be truly present with each other. (The U.S. version of the ad ends with … Continue reading Coca-Cola’s Heartwarming 2020 Christmas Ad

All Rivalries Should Be This Friendly

Paul Ziobro has written a wonderful story in the Wall Street Journal about a game of tag that is taking place between UPS and FedEx drivers. While FedEx Corp. and UPS fight for customers and global supremacy in the delivery sector, a friendlier battle is being waged on streets across the U.S. FedEx and UPS … Continue reading All Rivalries Should Be This Friendly

A Few Short but Entertaining Videos/Ads

I am once more grateful to the Twitter account of Marketing Birds for posting these entertaining clips. Enjoy. Here's an ad for an eyeglasses company featuring a soccer player. I guess when you are a soccer player, you think anything round is a soccer ball... Here is a clever video from 2014 that looks … Continue reading A Few Short but Entertaining Videos/Ads