A Few Short but Entertaining Videos/Ads

I am once more grateful to the Twitter account of Marketing Birds for posting these entertaining clips. Enjoy.

Here’s an ad for an eyeglasses company featuring a soccer player. I guess when you are a soccer player, you think anything round is a soccer ball…

Here is a clever video from 2014 that looks at the evolution of a worker’s desk. A cluttered desk, complete with a rolodex, a file cabinet, and a fax machine, transforms into a much cleaner, simpler surface consisting of only a laptop and a mobile phone.

Innovative Christmas packaging for a bottle of Coke. Not sure how I missed this last year, but it may only have been available in the U.K.

Marketing Birds had one clip of a car that featured a unique way of parallel parking. While I couldn’t find the specific clip they showed, I found a similar one. This seems like it would be quite useful in large cities.

Here’s a funny 2011 ad from Germany that shows a kid figuring out a way to get bullies to stop stealing his McDonald’s french frie

And last but not least, here’s a humorous Spanish anti-smoking commercial. “Fumar mata” translates to “smoking kills”.

As I’ve noted before, I love commercials. Commercials are like the tweets of the video world, trying to get their message across in less than one minute.

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