Coca-Cola’s Heartwarming 2020 Christmas Ad

Coca-Cola has always had some great ads, and this year’s Christmas video is no exception.

Coca-Cola’s Christmas marketing campaign, called ‘The Letter’, asks consumers to “give something only you can give – yourself” this Christmas as it encourages people to be truly present with each other. (The U.S. version of the ad ends with the “Together Tastes Better” tagline.)

The new campaign marks 100 years since Coca-Cola created its first festive activity and builds on its association with the festive period.

The ad, created by Wieden+Kennedy London, begins with a father preparing to leave home to go to work. As he is about to leave, his daughter hands him a carefully written letter to Santa, asking him to post it on his way.

Busy at work, we see him realize he has forgotten to post the letter. And so he goes on a mission to ensure it is safely delivered to Santa ahead of Christmas that includes traveling across seas and through jungles before reaching the North Pole.

The ad is being shown globally in 91 of Coca-Cola’s markets.

Oscar-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi directed the spot in partnership with Wieden+Kennedy London. “The Letter” was shot over five days in August in Waititi’s home country of New Zealand. Coca-Cola and Wieden+Kennedy London staffed the project entirely with local actors and production crews, eliminating the need for international travel.


37 thoughts on “Coca-Cola’s Heartwarming 2020 Christmas Ad

  1. That’s a good one. I’ve never heard of ads 2.5 minutes long before. I used to create radio ads when I was a broadcaster, and 60 seconds was the max, with 30 seconds the usual. It’s hard to squeeze in much creativity in just 30 seconds.

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    1. I think the internet allows for these longer ads.

      And that’s one of the things that impresses me about a good commercial – they are able to accomplish so much in such a short time period…

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  2. I haven’t timed it, but there’s a shorter version on tv here too – it may be the 30sec one. Heartwarming, if you suspend belief and the notion that they just want you to rot your kids’ teeth! I’ll stick with Hafod 😉

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      1. Its not bad, nor is it much different from what they’ve been doing for years. If only someone with a flair for maths could devise a form of analysis for heartwarming content per pound/dollar spent…

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  3. First time I saw this commercial! So awesome! I absolutely love it!! I don’t watch much local TV so I am not sure if it’s is or will be on here. Thanks for sharing this, Jim and brightening my day! Lori

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  4. First time I saw this ad in Youtube in made me smile, but then I frowned because I know full well that Coca-Cola couldn’t care less about happy family as long as they get to sell a lot of their product. Me, imagining kids drinking the coke alone in Christmas 😥

    I hope you’re having a great Christmas Jim. Merry, Merry Christmas! 💞

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