Did I Just Read What I Think I Read?

side note before I get started - I think my title may give a hint as to why English may be so confusing for people trying to learn it. I used the word "read" twice, but hopefully, most of you you pronounced it two different ways each time. How would somebody not familiar with English … Continue reading Did I Just Read What I Think I Read?

What Your Fingers Reveal About You

OK. I'll admit it. I had a momentary lapse in judgment. When that crucial moment came for me to act, I was weak. I had reached the end of reading a news article on my phone and when I got to the end there were several links for other articles to read. The vast majority … Continue reading What Your Fingers Reveal About You

What’s Your Desert Island Book?

This post was inspired by a recent post of a fellow blogger, Beth. Beth wrote how yesterday (January 18) was National Thesaurus Day and paid homage to Peter Mark Roget, creator of the famous Roget's Thesaurus. Since I didn't know about his Thesaruas beyond the basics, I went out to Wikipedia and found the following: … Continue reading What’s Your Desert Island Book?

A Pencil Is a Many-Splendored Thing

Pencils have been around for hundreds of years, and still show no signs of fading away. Their most obvious usages for pencils are writing, erasing, and drawing, but there is so much more to this simple invention. For example, pencils could be used for: racing. I clearly remember having pencil races in grade school, seeing … Continue reading A Pencil Is a Many-Splendored Thing

Some First Impressions of Singapore

Warning: I enjoy reading travel essays where people share their travel experiences. The photos and the writing often make me feel like I am there. I just want to let you know up front, this post will fall far short of those wonderful travelogues. My wife, son, and I are fortunate to be spending the … Continue reading Some First Impressions of Singapore

Rubik’s Cube vs. WordPress

I wrote a post a couple of days ago about how I received a Rubik's Cube for Christmas, and how I quickly realized I had completely lost any memory I had of how to solve it. So I decided to spend the next few days trying to memorize the steps once more. So, on the … Continue reading Rubik’s Cube vs. WordPress

Everything That Can Be Blogged About, Has Already Been Blogged

"Everything that can be invented has been invented." - Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S. patent office, 1899 It's one of those quotes that many people have heard, and many of those same people know that it is not true. Such words were never uttered by Mr. Duell. Despite it not being true, it came back … Continue reading Everything That Can Be Blogged About, Has Already Been Blogged

When Virtual Becomes Real

I've been blogging for nearly five years, and doing so has given me the chance to reconnect with old friends, communicate more frequently with relatives, and to develop some virtual connections. The first time I realized the power of those virtual connections was when I wrote a story about my son Patrick, and an award … Continue reading When Virtual Becomes Real

This Cartoon Hits Too Close to Home, Too Often

Once again, it was getting late, and I still had not thought of something to write about for today's post. Somehow, while searching the web for blog ideas, I came across the above cartoon, and it spoke the truth. I have posted for 1,784 straight days, starting on January 1, 2015, so there are bound … Continue reading This Cartoon Hits Too Close to Home, Too Often

Thanks, Google, for Crushing My Hopes and Dreams

Note: this article will be of little interest to most, if not all, readers. Unless you're into hearing someone complain about how changes to a search algorithm ruined their life, it's best that you just hit the like button and move on. For those who decide to continue reading, you've been warned. In late September … Continue reading Thanks, Google, for Crushing My Hopes and Dreams