Music Monday: Springsteen Dissects Thunder Road

It’s my favorite song of all time, and it’s been my favorite song for over 40 years now.

I recently came across this video of Bruce offering his insight into how the song came to be and what it means.

It’s a wonderful look at the creative process of one of the all-time greats.

It‘s about nine minutes long, so it may only appeal to Springsteen fans and those who may want to get a behind the scenes look at the creative song writing process.


46 thoughts on “Music Monday: Springsteen Dissects Thunder Road

  1. He sold the rights to his works recently I believe. I read that Neil Diamond did as well today. And I think Tina Turner did as well recently. I don’t know what is going on, battle over streaming rights maybe.

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    1. I had also heard about Neil Diamond. I wasn’t sure why so many big names are doing this now, but your suggestion about streaming rights could be it…


  2. Wow! That’s high praise. I’m not sure I could tell you what my favorite song is. There are too many to pick from for me. I do like Springsteen’s music and his whole blue-collar persona.

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  3. My favorite song is Percy Sledge’s When A Man Loves A Woman. He wrote it especially for me because for over a half century, no one has ever said, “Hey, that’s my favorite song, too!”

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  4. I’m listening to Thunder Road as I write this. I’ve always loved the song, and of course I love Springsteen. But, the interview was a lightbulb moment- he was Woody Guthrie! OMG. The words, his feelings, everything. Bob Dylan wanted to be Woody Guthrie (he was on his bedside when Woody died), but Springsteen is the real deal. For me, this is really big. Thank you for the video, Jim!

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      1. My preschoolers LOVE singing ‘This Land is Your Land’. Tell Mary there is a fabulous children’s book of the song. My copy is well worn and well loved from singing the book at least a million times. The illustrator is Kathy Jakobsen.

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      2. She can show a book on a smart board??? I am impressed. I’m glad her kids like to sing it as much as mine do. Tell Mary we sing the 5th verse with a sad voice. She’ll know what i mean.

        Funny side story, as the verses after #3 are strong (most people don’t know there are 6 verses). I got a video email from our son who hates the song of his family in a restaurant. There was a guy playing the guitar singing the whole thing. He said, “Apparently there are only two people who know this entire song, the singer and my mother.” I laughed so hard!

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