Music Monday: It’s Way Too Easy…

This is a follow-up to a post I wrote back in December, 2019: Punk Rock with a Message I can’t say I know much about punk rock, but it is cool being friends with the lead singer and guitarist of a punk rock band. I’ve written about Bud Drago before; he is a fellow faculty member at … Continue reading Music Monday: It’s Way Too Easy…

Music Monday: A Mid-Winter Treat

We are slightly past the mid-point of winter, and some reason that made me wonder if there are any songs that have February in the title. Fortunately, I came across a blog post where somebody had already done the work for me: 14 Songs About February. As I scrolled through the songs (none of which … Continue reading Music Monday: A Mid-Winter Treat

Music Monday: This Used to Be Music to My Ears

As the snow started coming down last night, I kept waiting to see if my classes would be canceled for today. I kept checking the news sites that listed school closings, but no sign of Villanova among the dozens of schools listed. My wife found out that her school was closed mid-evening, but I went … Continue reading Music Monday: This Used to Be Music to My Ears

You Call This Research?

I was on the wonderful Study Finds web site, trying to see if anything caught my fancy to write about. Nothing really jumped out at me, but while scrolling through the various research studies, an idea came to me to see what some of the most obvious research findings have been. In other words, the … Continue reading You Call This Research?

Music Monday: Cat Stevens, Then and Now

Over five years ago, I wrote a post that included videos of Bruce Springsteen playing one of his classic songs, Thundercrack, 39 years apart. In that post I wrote the following: It’s fascinating to watch someone perform the same song, 39 years apart. What’s even more amazing is to notice that Bruce still has the … Continue reading Music Monday: Cat Stevens, Then and Now

Music Monday: The Music of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tonight’s post is a reblog of one I wrote two years ago as a Music Monday that featured the music related to Martin Luther King, Jr. There are a few reasons for reblogging this old post. First, I think it’s a nice way to pay tribute to one of our greatest heroes. Second, the old … Continue reading Music Monday: The Music of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Music Monday: Nanook of Greenland

This post has two purposes. The first purpose is to expand my knowledge of music from around the world. The second is to see if I can get at least one view of my blog from someone in Greenland. 🙂 With a little bit of searching, I discovered the band Nanook, which appears to be … Continue reading Music Monday: Nanook of Greenland

A Dozen Universal Truths

Apple products are better than PCs and Android A smile is better than a frown Warm weather is better than cold Guinness is better than Bud Sunrise is better than sunset Vacation time is better than working time Ruffles potato chips are better than regular Women are more mature than men Bruce Springsteen and the … Continue reading A Dozen Universal Truths

Music Monday: What’s the Best Way to Cope with the Pandemic?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal describes the results of a research study that examined which activities worked best to lift people’s moods during the COVID pandemic. Sex and drugs were among the 43 options participants could choose from, along with exercise, cooking, social media, video calls, and various types of entertainment. The … Continue reading Music Monday: What’s the Best Way to Cope with the Pandemic?

Then and Now: In This Case, I Think I Liked Then Better

We were watching the New Year's Rockin' Eve show earlier this evening and one of the performers was Nelly. I've heard the name, but I don't really know any of his music (fun fact, though: our dog's name is Nellie - just a coincidence. That was her name when we rescued her). The song he … Continue reading Then and Now: In This Case, I Think I Liked Then Better