When in Doubt, Reach Out

It's been a  while since I've shared a Pinkcast, video clips from Dan Pink that offered useful advice typically in less than two minutes. One of Dan's recent Pinkcasts deals with a dilemma many of us have faced. The thought comes into your head to get in touch with a friend you haven't communicated with … Continue reading When in Doubt, Reach Out

This May Be the End of My Streak

There's a good chance this will be my last blog post, or at least my last one for quite a while. I'm a bit overwhelmed with work this semester, and with blogging taking up about two to three hours of my day, I need to cut back. So a big thank you to all of … Continue reading This May Be the End of My Streak

Hard to Believe This Was Seven Years Ago

It's hard to imagine that Stuart Scott, an iconic ESPN anchor died over seven years ago. Here is the tribute I wrote in his honor at that time, as well as recounting other times I've been moved to tears. from January 4, 2015 I just watched a beautiful tribute to Stuart Scott, a longtime ESPN … Continue reading Hard to Believe This Was Seven Years Ago

Retiring to the Big City?

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article about how a small group of retirement-age Americans are rejecting traditional ideas about retirement in favor of growing old in major urban metropolises. While many people think of big cities as having crowded, dirty streets and crammed subway cars, many retirees are finding that these big cities … Continue reading Retiring to the Big City?

Finding My Passion, Updated

Below is the second post I wrote, more than seven years ago. Back then I was questioning what my passion in life was, what my purpose was. Well, now I'm 64 years old, and I don't think I'm any closer to discovering my purpose and passion than I was back in 2015. I am still … Continue reading Finding My Passion, Updated

Is This the Ultimate Gift for Those Who Have Everything?

Looking for that unique gift for someone special? Cameo may be the answer. Cameo is the leading marketplace connecting fans directly with tens of thousands of pop culture personalities in the form of customized video messages, live video calls, and direct messages. Founded in March 2017 by Steven Galanis, Devon Townsend, and Martin Blencowe, Cameo’s … Continue reading Is This the Ultimate Gift for Those Who Have Everything?

I Haven’t Cried That Much During a Movie in a While

As someone who is moved to tears rather easily, I was surprised to realize that it's been over five years since I last wrote about a movie that really had me crying. That movie was A Man Called Ove and here's part of what I wrote about that movie: It’s not that the movie is … Continue reading I Haven’t Cried That Much During a Movie in a While

Thank You, Again…

As I noted in yesterday's post, now that I have hit my goal of surpassing Cal Ripken's consecutive streak, I plan to start sharing some of my older posts. Since there's no time like the present, I thought I would start doing so today, by sharing my very first post. I was motivated to begin … Continue reading Thank You, Again…


I first mentioned Cal Ripken back in a post on August 2, 2015, when I noted that he was my favorite baseball player of all time. My next mention of Cal was on December 31, 2015. That date represented one year of blogging, 365 straight days. In that post, I wrote the following: Now that … Continue reading I’VE PASSED CAL RIPKEN!!

I Could Get Used to This

Currently, there are over 20 home-meal delivery services. These services run the range from meals that contain all the ingredients but you still need to do some prepping to meals that just need to be heated up. I came across a few good overviews of the various options: Good Housekeeping has a story about what … Continue reading I Could Get Used to This