If I Eat 44 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches Every Day, I Might Live Forever…

Of course, that’s assuming I am correctly interpreting the results of a study recently conducted at the University of Michigan, and that the study was conducted properly.

The study, published in the journal Nature Food, is based around healthy life expectancy – the length of time a person has a good quality of life and is disease-free.

The research looked at the “health burden” of different foods by looking at their carbon footprint and nutritional impact.

The University hopes that the findings will encourage people to make better choices for themselves – as well as the environment. Study author Prof Olivier Jolliet said: “The urgency of dietary changes to improve human health and the environment is clear.

“Our findings demonstrate that small targeted substitutions offer a feasible and powerful strategy to achieve significant health and environmental benefits without requiring dramatic dietary shifts. The Health Nutritional Index takes into account all aspects of a product’s life cycle, including how it is produced, harvested, processed, consumed, and disposed of, as well as how calorific and nutritionally beneficial or detrimental a food was.”

Here is a listing of some of the foods and how much they add to or subtract from our life span:

So if I did my calculations correctly, if I eat 44 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day, that will add 1,452 minutes to my lifespan. Since there are only 1,440 minutes in a day, that means that I have a net gain in life span of 12 minutes every day. In other words, I could become immortal.

Of course, that assumes that I don’t eat any foods that lead to losing minutes, although it looks like I could have a soft drink each day, and I’d end up pretty much breaking even.

So who knew there was this hidden benefit to all those PB&J sandwiches I ate during my childhood, and that I continue to eat today.

And I do feel bad for all those people who enter those hot-dog eating contests. In this summer’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest title. No competitor Joey Chestnut ate 76 hot dogs. That’s nearly two days he knocked off of his lifespan.

Perhaps Jif or Skippy should start sponsoring PB&J eating contests, and promote it as a way to live longer. Now that’s a contest I would watch.

Long live the humble PB&J sandwich.

And the people who eat them…

Source: The Sun


146 thoughts on “If I Eat 44 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches Every Day, I Might Live Forever…

    1. Actually my son choked on a PBJ in HS, never ate another one and he used to eat alot of them! It was his last bite and he did black out for a brief period. Freaked him out having teachers all around him when he came too. Freaked me out when the nurse called me to tell me what happened and said how he was fine now but I could come get him. Then she put him on the phone and his voice was hoarae as he explained what happened and that he was tired and then said “Mom, please don’t come pick me up, I have a test to take next period.”
      Mom : 😶🤚! Thinking Wouldn’t most kids love to be able to get out of taking a test!

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      1. that must have been scary, and I can see why he would never want to eat another PB&J sandwich. I like his commitment to school though! So did he take the test?


  1. Add tomato or banana to your PB&J (drop the J if you must). I have had baked salmon on a PB&J. The J is just a glaze and honestly peanut butter goes with anything. I know a couple places that serve peanut butter on a burger. I had no idea I was eating so healthy!

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  2. Joey Chestnut has won that hot dog eating contest so many times, he’s only going to live until he’s nine years old. I’ve never eaten more than two dogs in one meal. Who knew when we were kids that competitive eating would actually become a thing?

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    1. maybe after those hot dog eating contests, Joey wolfs down a few PB&J to make up for things. and competitive eating is one of the most ridiculous events I know of, but I guess they’ve been around forever at those country fairs…

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      1. I watched it once, and it made me feel uncomfortable. Of course, I was curious how they did it and how you train yourself ahead of time. I eat for pleasure, and that looked like anything but pleasure.

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  3. I feel it only fair to point out that the table in your picture correctly identifies these life-enhancing sandwiches as being ‘peanut butter and jam,’ not jelly. You may be doing it all wrong…

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  4. When I started reading this post, I stopped and did the Joey Chestnut math so I could leave a clever comment at the end. Sigh. Seems like so many variables go into this that aren’t discussed. Added sugar? Organic? Serving Size? A few years ago, I used to eat a PB&J sandwich every day. Now I’ve switched to hummus with spinach. I find it hard to believe PB&J is healthier, but Science! Guess I’m switching back.

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  5. Not a big fan of P&J, but I love cheese…I actually found this research interesting. Aggregating different ratings such as production method and nutrition can bring some unexpected results. As snazzy as the graph is, I would have liked to also see the results broken down to its components and before it’s diluted in averages. I do like to add PB to stir fries, so I may gain a few minutes after all!

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  6. How is it possible that a PB&J sandwich is better than baked salmon or an avocado? I’m so confused. What if I skip the jam? I know this could spark a heated debate, but the two do not belong together. PB sandwiches. Yes. Jam sandwiches, yes. Jam sandwiches with butter or with cream cheese (or both)? Even better. But jam with peanut butter? No.

    Baked salmon and avocados? Yes.

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    1. baked salmon and avocado sounds delicious. and yes, the results are a bit odd. I’m guessing maybe part of the score is the environmental impact of the food, so perhaps growing peanuts is not as bad as salmon fishing…

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  7. I think this is quite a clever way of presenting data. Maybe showing eating habits to people as time lost or gained on their lifeline could achieve a thought process that nothing else could. People don’t seem to react to the idea of clogged veins or high blood pressure but everyone values their life and clings to it for as long as possible. I like peanut butter sandwiches and jam sandwiches, but not together. I wonder if I’ll still get credit …

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  8. What we need now is a study on which tires are the healthiest. I’m sure there’s been a study.🤣 We know your fans lie in wait for your famous tire posts and then come here in droves.


  9. I’m so hungry now. I think I’ll stop reading and go get a PBJ sandwich. My doctor just told me to add PB to my toast in the morning. So there you have it – confirmation of another accurate post by Jim Borden. 🙂

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