Music Monday: Should I Be Worried That I Never Heard of Any of These Performers?

I was watching TV the other day and the following commercial came on for the upcoming VMA awards:

After watching the commercial, I realized I did not recognize a single name.

I guess that’s a clear sign that I’m not staying up with the times, but if anyone out there wants to tell me of any song by any of these performers that I should listen to, I’d love to give it a listen.

Then when I go into my class, I can ask them “How many of you have seen that video of …?”

That should be good for a bit of street cred with my students πŸ™‚

Thanks for your help in keeping me up to date… πŸ™‚

*image of the VMA statue (The Moonman) from YourEDM

72 thoughts on “Music Monday: Should I Be Worried That I Never Heard of Any of These Performers?

  1. I can’t name anything except NasX’s remake of Old Town Road. But I recognize all of them and know they all make good music. Machine Gun Kelly surprised me the most though, again, I have no idea what song I heard him perform.

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      1. It’s a little old now. You’d be slightly more current by knowing he split his pants poke dancing on SNL, thus why he was grabbing his crotch for an entire, already sexual, song/dance. And, yes, he’s gay.

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  2. I know all of them!! You may have heard Old Town Road by Lil Nas X. It was super popular for a while. I think all of them are very talented and you would enjoy any song by them. I would highly recommend Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo.

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    1. thanks for letting me know Pete. I’ll give it a listen later today. And thanks for that link – it mentions one of my favorite songs, Jenny, Jenny, also known as 867-5309…

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      1. I read a story once about someone who had that phone number and was forced to change it because of all of the comedians who used to call it. Tommy Tutone and Jennyβ€”the definition of a one-hit-wonder. Great song!

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      2. my oldest son told me that he has gone into many grocery stores and when he is asked to input a phone number so he can get the discount, he has used that number many times, and it has never failed him!

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  3. I have heard of all of them, but I see you have many great suggestions already. None of which I can argue with. As no one has offered it, I will suggest Lorde’s “Royals”. Easy to find on any streaming site.

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  4. I’ve heard of all but the only one I can claim to listen to is Lorde – some of her stuff is actually quite good! Royals has already been mentioned and is probably her best known song. It has received the two ultimate accolades already: a parody version by Weird Al (Foil) and a cover by, wait for it, WOTE. Time to hit YouTube, I think πŸ˜‰

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  5. I’ve heard of most of them, but couldn’t name a song by most. lil nas’ ‘old town road’ was huge with the younger crowd , and I heard it played as a song at some sporting events. (on line of course)

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  6. Don’t know any either – and I have two teenage kids who share their musical knowledge with me πŸ™‚

    Dare I say – are these performers even old enough to hold a driver’s license? And I know the answer would be YES…

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