Thank Heaven for My Wife

A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a thousand moments of regret.

I was excited.

I had an idea for blog post hours before I usually start writing my post; most days I don’t come up with an idea until much later in the day.

When I mentioned the idea for my post to my wife, I could tell she did not share my enthusiasm.

It probably wasn’t going to be my kindest post ever, but I was upset and wanted to use my post as a way to vent.

Well, the reaction from my wife was enough for me to have that much needed moment of patience, and likely saved me from blogger’s remorse.

So thank you, Mary, as always, for your wisdom and helping to remind me of the importance of kindness.

You just saved me a thousand moments of regret; perhaps I can now use that time to think of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift…


37 thoughts on “Thank Heaven for My Wife

  1. I hear you on that moment of patience. I had my own experience today which if had not been patient and lost my temper, I might be regretting things even more. Have a nice day!

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  2. Very wise quote at the top, though you provide no attribution. Is it yours?

    I can’t remember any time I went off on someone where I can look back and think that was one of my finest moments. Taking some time off to cool down before speaking, not only saves a thousand regrets, but also a lot of time spent at damage control.

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  3. Got to trust our wives’ opinions. My wife is usually right on the mark.

    Blogger’s remorseβ€”I don’t think I’ve heard of that, but I knew what you meant. Of course, everyone knows buyer’s remorse. I’m such a research fanatic when it comes to buying big-ticket ideas. I forgive myself if something goes wrong.

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    1. you’re right, Pete. When in doubt, go with with what our wives are saying…

      I made up the phrase blogger’s remorse – maybe I should copyright it…

      and I’m like you with the research, and sometimes it’s not just on big ticket items…

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  4. The love of a partner goes beyond that of simple acceptance. Loving us for who we really are. Their love is given to help us find the best version of ourselves. To help us become the people we have always wanted to be. They help us to see things in a way that leads to our greatest happiness. They help us to find ourselves among the things we never want to become. You are blessed with a loving and caring wife, my friend! I am glad your moment of pause led to actions you can be most proud of. Hope you enjoy your Valentine’s with a recognition of the love you share for one another! She sounds like an amazing woman. And she is just as lucky to have found such a great guy!

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  5. I think your wife did offer you sound advice, Jim. I’ve never ranted on my blog as far as I can remember. I try to stick to posts about writing, creative writing, book reviews and book promotions. Blogging is an enjoyable hobby and its fun to write about inspirations and creativity as a good escape from life’s problems.

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