Music Monday: the Best National Football League Fight Song

My son and I are watching the Seattle Seahawks vs Philadelphia Eagles football game, and admittedly we were not too optimistic going in.

Yet somehow the Eagles managed to score a touchdown at the end of the first half, and they are only losing by a score of 14-6.

And the best part of an Eagles touchdown while playing at home is hearing all the fans in the stadium breaking into the Eagles fight song.

And here is what it looks like live:


Tip of the hat to my son for suggesting this post…

10 thoughts on “Music Monday: the Best National Football League Fight Song

  1. I’ve been watching on and off. Given that Philly sports fans are known for being a tough crowd, it’s probably better that the fans aren’t there. The boos would have been cascading down. The defense has hung in there very well. I see three major flaws with the Eagles on offense this year. 1. They don’t pass protect well. 2. Wentz appears to be playing without much confidence. His reads aren’t good, and his accuracy is off. Let’s face it—this is his worst year. 3. Not enough weapons on offense. Who is the receiver on the Eagles who scares you? No one. Last year they overachieved, but this year I’d say they’ve underachieved. The good news for them—everybody else stinks in the division. Imagine being 4-7 and being in first place.


  2. Philadelphia fans are passionate and engaged about their sports teams. I hope the near future holds an opportunity for people to gather and celebrate their favorite teams soon. And like Pete said, at least they are first place in their division!


  3. To a British ear, that song sounds like it was a reject from Springtime For Hitler! I checked the final score – commiserations on your loss. Time for a new song?


  4. A large segment of my family lived in Philly and South Jersey. Some still do. You and they have my sympathies as Philly sports fans. I tend to agree with Clive. The fight song is catchy but reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons back in the day. I’d vote for a new song. But then again I’m not an Eagles fan.


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