I’m glad I didn’t bet money on who I thought did it!

And I’m sure my wife, our youngest son, a neighbor, and a random jogger are as well.

We just watched the finale of HBO’s wonderful whodunit, The Undoing.

The Undoing Is a six-part murder mystery starring Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, and Donald Sutherland that totally captivated our family and apparently many others around the country.

We’ve spent the past several days trying to figure out who may have committed the crime and between my wife, our son, and myself we picked three different people as the prime suspect.

While out on a walk today we ran into the neighbor who had recommended the show to us and he had someone else as the prime suspect. While we stood there talking about the show, a jogger ran by and asked us if we were talking about The Undoing. We said that we were and asked her who she thought did it. She chose one of the suspects that we had also chosen, and so now that suspect had two votes.

Well, as it turned out none of us were right.

Since I don’t want to give anything away, I’ll leave it at that.

All I can say is – I highly recommend The Undoing…

and that I would not make a very good detective.

20 thoughts on “I’m glad I didn’t bet money on who I thought did it!

  1. I haven’t seen it, but others have told me it was good. I’m surprised to learn that Donald Sutherland is still alive. He goes way back.


  2. this sounds great, and I love detective stories, but alas no hbo. hopefully I can find it somewhere else, as this sounds right up my alley.


  3. It’s been showing here on our main satellite provider – Sky – on their Sky Atlantic channel, which is a great source of good imports from over there (as well as a lot of rubbish too!). The final part ran this evening and, like you, I guessed wrong and certainly didn’t see the denouement coming either! A great series, which I’d recommend to anyone who likes tv that grips their attention.

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  4. With you on that Jim! Seriously! That last episode in the courtroom was a real zinger. Within that episode alone, I had 3 suspects! Fantastic series, and sooooooooooooo out of character for Hugh Grant, but he did it well! 🙂

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