Three Rights Make a Left

As part of my recent reading about FedEx and UPS, I came across the 340 methods that UPS drivers are trained in and expected to follow as part of their delivery process. The company’s “340 Methods,” dates to the 1920s and tells drivers the most efficient way to do just about anything. (There now are … Continue reading Three Rights Make a Left

Is This the Best 800 Number?

Who doesn't like a good 1-800 number, especially one that is easy to remember? Here are a few that I like: 800-ASK-BLUE (this is for Independence Blue Cross, the Philly-based licensee of Blue Cross) 800-DOG-POOP (a service that cleans up the dog poop in your yard) 800-JUNK-USA (a junk removal service) 800-GOT-JUNK (a junk removal … Continue reading Is This the Best 800 Number?

All Rivalries Should Be This Friendly

Paul Ziobro has written a wonderful story in the Wall Street Journal about a game of tag that is taking place between UPS and FedEx drivers. While FedEx Corp. and UPS fight for customers and global supremacy in the delivery sector, a friendlier battle is being waged on streets across the U.S. FedEx and UPS … Continue reading All Rivalries Should Be This Friendly