Music Monday: Revisiting WOTE (Walk Off The Earth)

One of the favorite bands I discovered as part of my Music Monday series is Canadian band Walk Off The Earth, often just referred to as WOTE.

I first wrote about them back in September of last year: Music Monday – The Quirky, Creative, and Wonderful Music of Walk Off The Earth, and since I liked them so much I thought I would look into what they have been up to since then.

They were just starting off on a 2020 tour when COVID-19 came along and changed those plans.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of their recent videos that showcase their talents.

The first one is a compilation of 20 Beatles songs in four minutes:

The second one was just made last week, in celebration of the upcoming Canada Day, which is July 1. As you might expect, WOTE puts a unique, and wonderful, spin on a classic song.

They are still quirky and creative and make wonderful music…

41 thoughts on “Music Monday: Revisiting WOTE (Walk Off The Earth)

  1. I love them and only discovered them in the last year. hopefully going to see them here next February as they are rescheduled. what a unique and talented band! great post

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  2. You introduced me to this band back in September, and I spent two hours one day listening to a lot of their efforts. It can be rather addictive. I almost always like an original song better than the remake, but I think their version of Gotye’s (Somebody That I Used to Know) is better. It’s so much fun to see the creativity that goes into their songs in the way of instruments.

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      1. Wow, talk about a low-budget band. But they made good use of that one guitar for five members. I hope after they got famous they were able to increase their inventory of musical instruments.
        It was fascinating to watch that video. I can’t play the guitar, but I think I might have been able to handle the part that the guy on the far right had.

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      2. I think I could handle that part as well, but I would be worried about plucking the strings at the wrong time. They’ve used a wide variety of strange instruments, such as ketchup bottles in their O Canada video…

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  3. I love WOTE! Found them via a YouTube recommendation a good few years ago now, with THAT song. They have featured in some blog posts and as #SongOfTheDay on my blog’s Facebook page. Their musicality and creative videos never cease to amaze me, especially when you realise that many of them are actually made in one take. They’ve been through a few changes in membership since then but the quality remains.

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  4. A wonderfully introduction to a listen-worthy band. The Beatles anthology was so well arranged and performed. I will be looking them up in the future to partake in more of their unique sound and entertaining performances. Great post, Jim!

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  5. This band is terrific! Videos add much to the musical experience. Seeing the joy and fun the musicians have in performing their work adds much to my experience as a listener. WOTE looks like they really enjoy each others company and would be fun to hang out with.

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