“Quirky” Must Be the WordPress Word of the Day

My post from last night, Music Monday: Revisiting WOTE (Walk Off The Earth), used the word quirky to describe the wonderful Canadian band, Walk Off The Earth.

It’s not unexpected that last night’s post is my most viewed post today, with 40 views so far today (and 20 from yesterday).

What is surprising is that a post from last August, The A-Hed – the Quirky Side of the Wall Street Journal, is my second most viewed post today, with 37 views. To put that view count in perspective, yesterday that post had two views, and the day before that it had zero views.

I am sure it is pure coincidence that two posts with the word quirky are my most viewed posts today.

I guess you could say it’s kind of quirky…

*image from BU Now

43 thoughts on ““Quirky” Must Be the WordPress Word of the Day

  1. WP did something quirky like that to me once, about three months ago. In one day, I had somewhere around 900 views and 600 visitors. A typical day is about 40 views and half that amount as visitors. The views were spread out among a whole lot of past posts. It was truly, well, quirky.

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  2. Leave it to your professorial mind to find the hidden connection behind the numbers. I might start tagging all my posts with the word “quirky” now. I always love to see views on an older post. To me, It means someone was interested enough to dig a little deeper than the daily post they may have stumbled upon. Ride that quirky wave as long as you can, Jim!

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  3. Yesterday offered me a quirk too. In the time it took me to open up the app and reply to a comment I had 62 page views, all from Romania, and all for different posts. Or maybe that wasn’t so much quirky as bot-ty?

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  4. I haven’t had any of these odd experiences that many of the rest describe. Perhaps I’m just not quirky enough.

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      1. I do get some, especially with regards to the South Africa places and history. Not nearly as many people blog hear as in the US and UK. Our weather is to good all year round and people spend their time outside. Generally, people here aren’t big readers either.

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  5. Quirky is a good description! Sometimes I write something which I feel is one of my better efforts, and the number of views is lower than normal. Perhaps I should be checking my astrological sign more frequently. Just kidding on the astrology thing.

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